How can you beautify concrete?

Concrete is a versatile building material that experiences an increasingly positive image in its perception. It is not only appreciated for its architectural and functional qualities. Even home improvement and hobbyists discover more and more applications. So there are countless choices to beautify concrete.

With the changed view also new beautification techniques

When beautifying concrete, it is precisely this changed, increasingly positive perception of concrete that plays a major role. Until a few years ago, many people still understood "embossing concrete" as painting or coating concrete. But today, concrete is increasingly being used as a conscious, clearly visible design component.

Embellish surface treatment and coating to concrete

While most methods of embellishing concrete are just as long as there is concrete. But only now with this changed opinion on concrete these processing techniques become interesting. These include, among others, the following processing options:

  • Milling concrete
  • Grind concrete
  • Polishing concrete
  • Impregnate concrete
  • Oil or grow concrete

Milling, grinding, polishing

When milling concrete, not only the functional milling, ie the roughening or milling of installation slots is important. It is specifically about the production of a special surface structure, which should also be appealing in the expression. This becomes even clearer when grinding or polishing concrete.

With corresponding machines mirror-smooth concrete

Machines can be used to produce absolutely smooth surfaces. Modern floors are often first milled, then sanded and finally polished. However, the use of large machines is absolutely essential for the production of such smooth concrete surfaces. With hand tools such a surface can not be created.

Coat and admit concrete surfaces

Such smooth surfaces are also worth protecting, so smooth concrete should be impregnated or sealed. From the impregnation derives also for DIYers and hobbyists also relatively new technique of concrete embossing - the oiling or waxing of concrete.

Waxes and oils for beautifying concrete

By waxing or oiling concrete, you not only protect a component. Depending on what you use for oiling or waxing, the surface will not only darken, but may also get a reddish or deep sting. So oiled or waxed concrete looks very noble.

Non-transparent coatings for a more beautiful concrete look

But of course, coatings are also used to beautify concrete. The manufacturers have long since discovered for themselves. Many concrete coatings can be mixed individually with different colors to create a unique color on a concrete surface. In addition, you can also pretreat concrete that should come into contact with water, for example, with water glass to obtain a water-impermeable layer. Then the actual coating is applied.

Tips & Tricks

Concrete offers even more opportunities for beautification, but have nothing to do with the later processing. Rather, you must already apply these techniques when mixing and processing concrete. This includes pouring the concrete into molds. For example, you can add color pigments to the concrete to get a completely new color of the concrete. In contrast to the beautification of concrete by different coatings or surface treatments there is no abrasion and also the slip resistance can not be adversely affected.

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