How can you handle old asbestos in prefabricated houses?

If you are interested in or owning a prefabricated house, you probably also want to know what it consists of. In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know about asbestos, its features and hazards, and how to "get rid" of it with a reorganization.

What is asbestos anyway?

Asbestos is a material used in construction until the late 1970s. It is, if present, used throughout the structure of the house as it is contained in the cement. It was also used in prefabricated construction for a variety of purposes, for example for easy filling of leaky or uneven areas.

What makes asbestos so dangerous?

The advantage of asbestos is its heat resistance and its chemical resistance, it consists of a fibrous structure. However, if these fibers "dissolve" and fine dust is formed, this gets into the lungs, where unfortunately it can hardly be broken down. The consequences can be diseases such as lung cancer.

How can you handle old asbestos in prefabricated houses?: houses

Which solutions are there?

If your prefab house was built before 1980, you should have it checked for asbestos. If you are sure that your house is contaminated with asbestos, only a professional refurbishment from a specialist company can help. She specializes in such work and is currently familiar with the necessary protective measures. Respirators and full face masks are required.

Types of renovation

There are several ways you can "free" your house from asbestos. The following list presents three options that you can choose from.

  • The complete removal of the asbestos from the house: Certainly an expensive, but also effective method. It is not only costly, but also time consuming, as your house is literally "taken apart".
  • Surface sealing: Not as expensive as the first option, but this work has to be done very carefully to get an effective result.
  • Building partitions: The last option is to cover asbestos-containing surfaces with another layer. If this is done properly, no asbestos will get into your air.

Tips & Tricks

Act fast: If there is a suspicion of asbestos, invest now in a rehabilitation than later.

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