How do I build a wooden terrace?

The construction of a wooden terrace is divided into three main steps. After excavating and applying the substrate, a substructure must be installed. Finally, the terrace floor is laid and if necessary, stairs, railings or roof attached.

Planning and substructure

Before the purchase of material and the opening of the construction site, a wooden terrace must be created. It is a good idea to draw a detailed plan and create a list of the materials and tools you need. Architectural software can create a three-dimensional representation and is helpful in accurately mapping the construction of a wooden terrace.

If the substructure is to be built of wood, it is recommended to use the same type of wood throughout. Substructures from, for example, Bangkirai or Douglas fir have identical shrinkage and swelling behavior. This avoids later potential stresses in the total terrace. As an alternative, substructures made of concrete or plastic are mounted.

How to build a wooden terrace

  • cement
  • water
  • Grit or gravel
  • sand
  • buttress
  • decking
  • Shovel / spade / hoe
  • marking bars
  • guide
  • Folding rule or tape measure
  • Peel
  • rubber hammer
  • drilling machine
  • insulation blanket
  • Countersunk screw
  • Countersunk drill
  • spacer
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • vibrating machine

1. Lift out the ground

Raise the area under the terrace so that you can bring in a drainage layer up to twenty centimeters thick. Think of a slope, but you can only generate it when removing the drainage layer.

2. Supports and carrying capacity

Depending on the type of construction, place the required buttresses in holes that you pour out with cement. To reach the precise height, use a guideline stretched between the marking bars.

3. Fill drainage layer

Now fill the grit or the sand / gravel mix, compact it with a vibrating machine and smooth the surface with the necessary slope.

4. Lay terrace wood

Lay the trimmed terraced wood at equal intervals, which will ensure you through the inlaid spacers. For wood on wood you should insert insulation film at the touch points.

5. Fasten decking boards

Drill two mounting holes each with no more than one meter of clearance through the decking. At most, lightly drill the substructure. Bolt your planks after you have countersunk the holes.

Tips & Tricks

Build your wooden terrace in dry weather and temperatures between twelve and twenty degrees Celsius.

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