How do I attach my smoke detector to the roof pitch?

Slanted walls can be a problem with smoke detectors, one reason for this are possible heat cushions under the ceiling. Due to the physical conditions, the smoke detector needs a special place under a sloping roof.

Where does the smoke detector in the attic belong?

Normally, the smoke detector always belongs to the horizontal ceiling, because there the smoke rises in case of fire. Now, an attic apartment but has both sloping and horizontal ceiling areas.

With a roof pitch of more than 20 degrees and a horizontal ceiling that measures less than one meter in width, it is better to attach your detector to the slope. Keep at least 50 cm and no more than 100 cm from the rooftop.

This measure is necessary because sometimes heat cushions form in the roof top, blocking the smoke. For a horizontal ceiling that measures more than 1 m between slopes, simply install the smoke detector in the center.

How do I mount the smoke detector to the roof pitch?

Also place the smoke detector as level as possible on the sloping roof so that the smoke does not simply pass through the openings without triggering the alarm. Build a small auxiliary structure, for example made of wood.

Most devices should be screwed to the ceiling, but some manufacturers also allow the gluing. Always use high-quality adhesive for adhesive bonding, possibly also a special magnetic foil. This will ensure that your smoke detector does not fall off.

Before installing the smoke detector, check the surface, especially if you want to stick. Is this sustainable and stable? Does the surface form a flat adhesive surface? You may need to edit the surface before installing.

Tips & Tricks

Note that smoke detectors only work reliably in a certain temperature range. For example, if your attic is regularly under - 5 degrees Celcius cold, it may affect the function of the unit.

Video Board: How to attach a smoke alarm to the ceiling with VELCRO® Brand.