How does a condenser affect the humidity?

In many cases, it is feared that if a condenser dryer is installed outside the bathroom, it could threaten the risk of mold or negatively affect the humidity in the room. How it really looks, we explain here.

Amount of humidity from the condenser dryer

While the exhaust air dryer exhausts all air humidity through the window or exhaust, condenser dryers can deliver a small amount of warm and humid air to the site.

However, this does not threaten the danger of mold marks - even when cooking, more hot and clearly humid air is often produced than with the dryer. Fears are therefore groundless.

Also damage to the furniture or the device by the amount of air discharged are not to be feared.

Tips & Tricks

However, you can set the window to tilt for safety, so that the warm air can escape immediately, and the moisture of the dryer exhaust air can escape to the outside. But that is by no means absolutely necessary. Just check the humidity level with a hygrometer before and after running the dryer.

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