How heavy is a waterbed?

You are considering getting a waterbed but are worried that your floor will endure? Do you want to know how much a waterbed weighs? Here is an overview of the weight of waterbeds.

The dimensions of water beds vary and, accordingly, the weight.

The bigger the bed the heavier of course. The range extends from 500 to 700kg, with people on it up to 900kg. That sounds like a decent weight pushing into the floorboards. Whether it is a hardside or softside bed and how heavy the base is, this hardly matters.

An example calculation

A waterbed with a size of 200x200cm weighs about 600kg. That sounds like a lot. However, waterbeds are designed so that their weight is evenly distributed on the floor. So come on an area of ​​4sqm 150kg per square meter. That does not sound that much anymore, considering that a really fat person can bring it up to that much or can weigh a refrigerator over 100 lbs. In addition, of course, the weight of the people who sleep on the bed.

Can the waterbed for the ceiling be too heavy?

Most likely not. As I said, the weight is well distributed and there are other heavy items in a household. The waterbed vendors often argue that you do not have to worry about statics at a party with 20 people in your room. Since one could counter: they do not stay there for years. However, according to the building standards prevailing in Germany, each room would have to be able to withstand several waterbeds.

So what to do? Rather be on the safe side: To be 100% sure that you do not wake up one day with your subtenant, you should ask before buying a waterbed times carefully with a structural engineer. Do not ask your waterbed vendor, of course, will tell you that There is no problem, after all, he wants to get rid of his waterbed.

Tips & Tricks

In recent home insurance policies, the waterbed is also insured. This is important not only in case you land at the neighbor's, but also in case the waterbed licks. Check your insurance!

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