How harmful is aluminum foil really? All facts

There are always reports in which aluminum foil is blamed for many serious illnesses. So aluminum foil is at least partly to blame for Alzheimer's and dementia and additionally be carcinogenic. The danger that actually exists when you heat your food with aluminum foil or whether it is even poisonous is shown in the facts here.

Health and aluminum foil

Alufoil has become an important part of most households. But many use the practical film only with a guilty conscience, as the rumors and reports of the negative health properties are of course frightening you. EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, has set the recommended maximum level of aluminum to be consumed by one adult per week at one milligram per kilo of body weight. This is often achieved by the foods that contain aluminum anyway.

Aluminum suspected

For many diseases, aluminum, such as aluminum foil or deodorant, is suspected of at least promoting the disease. These diseases are associated with Alu:

  • Alzheimer
  • dementia
  • breast cancer
  • other cancers
  • autism
  • hyperactivity

Natural occurrence of aluminum

In many foods, aluminum is naturally contained. Through these foods, we automatically take daily a certain very low dose of aluminum to us, which may already be sufficient for the achievement of the limit value of aluminum.

  • fish
  • meat
  • tea
  • cocoa
  • Grain
  • legumes
  • salads

Limits quickly exceeded

Alone by the use of a deodorant containing aluminum, the limit is exceeded by far, according to the European authority. At least in this respect, it is relatively easy to prevent the increase in the aluminum level in the body, because there are now numerous deodorants that do without aluminum. Whether the many studies on the subject are really correct or not, with a deodorant without aluminum you are on the safe side.

Studies for and against aluminum

Although it has been proven in studies that excessive doses of aluminum are harmful to nerves. Other studies have even shown that many patients with Alzheimer's disease have a high proportion of aluminum in the body. Likewise, much aluminum was detected in patients with breast cancer. As always, there are studies that prove that aluminum is not to blame for all of these diseases. However, it is generally advisable to avoid unnecessary aluminum uptake.

Tips & Tricks

Another danger is the improper use of aluminum foil. If you associate salty or acidic foods with aluminum foil, part of the foil will be transformed into the food. As a result, the limit is of course also exceeded rapidly. Therefore use cling film or for baking and grilling refractory glass bowls. These are absolutely harmless and even cheaper in the long run.

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