What is the price for a foundation earth?

The prices for foundation earth are often different depending on the material - in addition there are still some possibilities, especially for new construction, the costs for the necessary foundation earth depress something. All about foundation earth and their prices read here

Pricing at foundation earth

The most important price determining criterion is of course the material quality - common are stainless steel or other galvanized steels, which are highly corrosion resistant. In some cases, however, other materials are used for the construction of the grounding, the prices of which can then differ significantly, particularly expensive is earthing wire V4A, which can cost up to four times of ordinary foundation earth.

In the case of classic foundation earthmongers, the delivery usually takes place in so-called rings, either 30 or 50 kg in weight, which corresponds to approximately 30 meters or 60 meters in length. For special shapes but then other ring sizes are required.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

Foundation earth
30 × 3.5mm galvanized, 30 kghoba-baustoffe.com75,13 EUR
30 × 3.5mm galvanized, 50 kghoba-baustoffe.com129,83 EUR
Grounding strap and lightning conductor wire
approx. 60 running metersbausep.de166,50 EUR
Lightning conductor wire, 10mm galvanized, 50 kgbausep.de172,50 EUR

Always observe the necessary quantity and quality

Make sure to buy both the required quality and a sufficient length when buying. Especially in large buildings cross connections must often be created in order not to exceed the maximum permissible mesh size, which is required by DIN. If in doubt, simply consult with your executive electrical company again.

Tips & Tricks

In the case of concrete foundations, the necessary foundation earthworks can also be formed from welded-together reinforcements, which saves you money and effort, and the foundation earth elements embedded in the concrete on all sides are then also completely protected against corrosion. This procedure is possible with many new buildings. All you have to do then is make sure to attach correct terminal lugs to the welded reinforcements.

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