How do I keep my prefab façade fresh?

The facade of your prefabricated house is slowly beginning to lose the radiance of the first day? In this article, you will learn how to get your façade back to its best and some tips to make your prefab house look the same as it did the first day.

New plaster or renovation?

Before you begin with the renovation of your facade, you should determine whether it has come down only visually or from the inside. In the second case, a refurbishment is required, which also remedies the lack of insulation.

If it's just "just" a new coat of paint, you should definitely pay attention to quality. A high-quality coating not only achieves higher color depths and a brighter white, but also keeps these values ​​over several years.

Of course, it is convenient to be able to do this painting yourself, but if you are not sure, bring a specialist aside.

Tips & Tricks

Even with a slight change in color, your prefab house looks completely new. Change the color of your facade and experience your house from a completely new side.

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