How long do you have to support a fresh concrete surface?

A fresh concrete surface initially remains in the supported formwork for some time, until the formwork is well hardened. Only after the expiry of the Ausschaltungsfrist allowed to remove columns and formwork. At low temperatures it always takes a little longer for the concrete to be ready. How long do you have to support the concrete floor?

Where are the deadlines?

How long a concrete floor must be supported is not specified in DIN standard 1045-3. This DIN contains the application rules for construction concrete. But of course there are enough empirical values ​​to be able to make a statement.

At normal temperatures, expect to support your fresh concrete ceiling for about 28 days. Shorter times are possible if the strength class of the concrete used is particularly high or the ceiling consists for the most part of prefabricated parts.

Tips & Tricks

Ask an experienced specialist how long you have to support your concrete floor. Wait a little longer to avoid a collapse.

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