How long does it take to build a prefabricated house?

If you want to build a prefabricated house, one thing that interests you most of all is: when can I move in? The following article will tell you everything you want to know about this topic. Because one thing is clear: The low construction time of a prefabricated house is certainly one of the biggest advantages of this construction compared to "normal" houses.

Turnkey house or the expansion variant?

A statement like "the construction lasts two weeks" can not and must not be made. The construction time depends heavily on your decisions: If you decide on a turnkey house, the manufacturer takes over all finishing work, while a development house is only "delivered" with roof, walls, doors and windows and the exterior plaster.

Another criterion is the basement: if you decide to fall usually three to four weeks more construction time. Also, the overall size and complexity of the house play a role: If it is heavily nested and not a "box", the construction period can also take more time.

How long does it take to build a prefabricated house?: does

As you can see, the construction time of prefabricated houses varies individually. However, their construction time is significantly lower in any case than in solid houses. Why this is so, you will learn when reading.

Why is the construction time less than with "normal" houses?

The industrial principle of prefabricated house companies saves a great deal of time: in a state-of-the-art process, the individual walls and beams are manufactured precisely. They are available only a few weeks after the plan has been prepared and can be brought to the construction site.

Once there, the items are assembled within a day, at the latest on the second day, the installation of the roof. The same process takes a few months for the "stone on stone" variant. This step is by far the largest saving of time in a prefabricated house.

On the other hand, the interior finishing works take much longer and take up the same amount of effort as massive houses. Electrical and sanitary installation, painting and other processes cost about eight to twelve weeks working time.

The building permit

In the entire time calculation, the building permit must not be forgotten, which is necessary in any case. Although you have saved some time by the prefabricated house variant, since the design is usually already exists. Unfortunately, this does not help when it comes to the processing time: If you are lucky, you will get your approval after one month, in the other case, it may also like four times.

Therefore, it is of course recommended to submit the draft as early as possible in order to shorten the overall process. The problem with this: As long as there is no approval, not even the parts of your home can be made.

Tips & Tricks

Are you gifted or have friends and acquaintances who understand something about it? Then you can quietly resort to the expansion house: It saves money and, if you are fast, also a lot of time.

Time overview

To give you an idea of ​​the entire "process", here is an overview - from the idea to the construction.

  • Planning phase: You contact a prefabricated house company, with which you plan your house according to individual needs. Of course, first of all a plot of land has to be bought. From the idea to the finished plan, a few weeks can pass.
  • When the design is ready, it must be submitted to the Building Department, which takes one to four months to process it to approval.
  • Only then can your prefabricated house supplier, depending on capacity, start production. This takes about two to four days in the factory, so a fairly short time.
  • After delivery to the construction site, the construction takes one to two days, followed by an eight- to twelve-week expansion phase of the interior.
  • The setup can also take a few weeks.

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