How long does wall paint have to dry - and what helps you?

Once the new color covers the wall, you want to dry it immediately. Because only then is it possible to either delete a second layer or to clear the furniture and pictures back in place. Unfortunately, patience is required in this situation, although modern wall paints have a relatively short dry season. Of course, there are also acceleration methods.

What does it matter how fast a wall paint gets dry?

Several factors determine how quickly - or slowly - a wall paint dries. On the one hand, consistency and composition naturally influence the drying time, but on the other hand the on-site conditions have a decisive effect:

  • Thicker paint coats dry slower than thinner ones.
  • On absorbent surfaces, wall paints dry especially quickly.
  • With good ventilation, a wall paint can be surprisingly dry quickly.
  • A warm ambient temperature also helps with drying.

However, a too-fast drying can also lead to shrinkage cracks and flaking, so the substrate should always have only a medium Absorbency and prevail no complete passage in the room.

That's how long an emulsion paint needs to dry

Most wall paints are emulsion paints, which are among the fast-drying paints in the world of paints: they can usually be painted after a maximum of 5 hours.

To be on the safe side, take a close look at the instructions for use of your wall paint - and test the finished coating by gently touching your fingers to see if it's already dry.

You can do that so that the wall paint dries better

If a wall paint takes a long time to dry, you can also help with the hair dryer on a small surface or install a fan heater on a single wall.

But be careful not to heat the coating too much to avoid charring it or creating ugly drying cracks. The simple rule applies: Thick layers tear rather than thin.

Tips & Tricks

Of course, one tends to just "fire" the slowly drying thick layers of paint a bit, but that can quite go into the eye. Basically, patience and enough fresh air are still the best "desiccants".

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