How much coffee for the coffee machine?

Adding the right amount of coffee powder to the coffee filter is crucial for the taste of the coffee. Below we explain how much coffee you need to put in the filter to get a weak, medium or strong coffee and what else to pay attention to.

The right amount of coffee powder

Coffee powder can either be measured by a spoon or weighed exactly with a digital kitchen scale. Furthermore personal preferences are added:

Spoon per cup

Often, the optimum amount of coffee powder is indicated in spoons. A guideline that many filter coffee makers and consumers also specify is a spoonful of coffee powder per cup. At best, the coffee maker is a deep spoon at. If this is not the case, you should expect a heaped teaspoon per coffee cup.

Grams per cup

If you want it all, you can also weigh your coffee powder: To do so, it is best to place the kinked filter on your digital kitchen scale and set the balance to zero. Per cup should be used 7 to 9 grams of coffee powder.

Do you like him strong or weak?

If you would like your coffee strong, you should add an extra spoon, if you prefer weak coffee, put leveled teaspoons in the filter instead of heaping or leave a spoon.

The optimal grinding degree for your coffee machine

Besides the right amount of coffee, grinding is also crucial for the strength and aroma of the coffee. In general, the finer the coffee is ground, the stronger the taste, because the more coffee aroma the water takes when passing by the coffee powder. Therefore, finely ground coffee (freeness 1 to 3) is used only for espresso machines. Here, the water comes into contact with the coffee powder only for a very short time and still absorbs enough aroma due to the fine grinding. In addition, an espresso should eventually be stronger than a filter coffee. For a normal filter coffee machine we recommend a medium degree of grinding (freeness = 4 to 5), because here the water flows through the coffee powder for about two minutes. In contrast, for a French Press coffee machine, a very coarsely ground coffee powder (freeness 7 to 8) - we can almost speak of coffee pieces here - recommended, since a brewing time of about four minutes is common here.

Tips & Tricks

For the taste of coffee not only the right amount of coffee but also the type of filter is crucial. Learn here what has to be considered in the pore size of coffee filters and what alternatives to the coffee filter.

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