How much should the towing service cost?

In court, this case is repeatedly negotiated: A fake parker does not agree with the high towing fees and does not want to pay the bill. What are the average fees for the towing service - and is there a fixed cost limit?

What must the wrong parker pay?

False parkers only have to pay for the actual costs incurred during the towing process. This does not include the costs of monitoring the parking area in question and the out-of-court processing of claims for damages. However, the affected person has to pay the following:

  • the cost of finding the vehicle owner
  • the use of the towing vehicle
  • the labor costs for the driver of the towing vehicle
  • Thorough inspection of the wrongly parked vehicle for damage
  • Logging of possible damage
  • the storage of the vehicle in another location

What are the costs for the towing service?

Reputable towing companies are geared to the local prices, which differ significantly from region to region. In a special court ruling, EUR 250 was considered too much, instead the judge gave his consent for EUR 175.

In rural areas, prices are often lower, some towing service takes only 40 to 80 EUR for its services. One thing is certain: with prices of 300 EUR or more, you do not have to settle for anything!

The individual towing process can become more expensive if the tow truck has to cover an above-average distance or the towed vehicle is not picked up for a longer period of time. Sundays, nights and holidays are also customary in the industry.

Do I have to pay if I drive away before towing?

If the towing service has already been called, you will have to reimburse the costs for the journey, even if you drive away before the arrival of the tractor. The price for this usually ranges between 40 and 90 EUR.

Price example for a towing process

A man parks his car without authorization in a private car park. The parking lot owner calls the towing service, the car of the wrong parker is towed away and safely stored for two days.

Cost overviewprice
1. arrival and departure, towing50 EUR
2. Logging of the wagon state20 EUR
3. Storage of the car for 2 days30 EUR
4. Locate the holder25 EUR
total125 EUR

Attention, management fees!

If the police or the public security bureau starts to tow your car, you will generally be asked for an additional fee. Depending on the federal state, an amount between 25 and 150 EUR comes together.

Some major cities have several different fee regions. For example, it may be that you have to pay more administrative costs in one district of Hamburg than in another.

Tips & Tricks

Owners of a letter of protection and members of automobile clubs may pay less. Ask for!

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