What is the construction cost of an apartment building?

The costs are one of the most important roles in the construction of a house, but especially in large projects such as an apartment building. Here's an example of how much a new apartment building can cost and where you can save.

cost factors

To understand the ultimate price of a new development, you should be aware of the factors that influence that price. Because the construction costs alone make up only part of the total price; Property, notary or other additional costs add up to a considerable price. Especially with a multi-family house, which requires more effort on all levels, the additional costs incurred play a major role.

An important factor is the location of the house: The price difference between a central and not centrally located building site are usually considerable. If the multi-family house serves as a long-term investment, you can, however, demand higher rents for a central location. Generally applies to real estate for investment: Expect to calculate when you have the resulting costs back "in" and from when you are almost "in plus".

What is the construction cost of an apartment building?: construction

example project

For the following calculation, we take a multi-family house with four apartments, two of which are on the ground floor and the other two on the upper floor. The floor area is 160 square meters; Each apartment thus covers about 80 square meters. The equipment level is average, so it is not associated with luxury or Spartan living.

Cost overviewprice
1st shell (prefabricated house)220,000 euros
2. Interior work70,000 euros
3rd plot, 700 sqm50,000 EUR
4th cellar40,000 EUR
5. Additional costs (notary, land register, planning, etc.)15,000 euros
6. Other (for example garden or terrace work)25,000 euros
total420,000 EUR

How can you save?

The example has shown that even relatively small apartment blocks can be considerably more expensive compared to single- or two-family houses. Therefore, you should first of all count on a "basic model" and later consider how you can include additional equipment in the rent. If you discover that additional "luxury" does not bring you any financial benefits, then you should only build what you need.

Another, in any case recommendable option is the comparison of different providers to get a low price with good service. If you are too impressed by a particular company and are convinced that you do not have to compare, you will not get a comprehensive market overview.

Tips & Tricks

Use the building cost calculator offered on the Internet to get a rough idea of ​​the price of your apartment building. If you use different websites, your result is more reliable: calculate the average of the different computers to get a realistic idea of ​​whether a provider is fair or not.

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