What is the construction cost of a detached house?

A home is in many cases the biggest investment in the life of an average earner. In this article, we'll give you an example of how much an average single-family home can cost and how you can save money on the construction.

Small size - less cost

The small size of a detached house compared to other types of houses also offers a price advantage: If a one- and a two-family house built with comparable facilities, the savings in significant five-digit amounts.

But small does not automatically mean cheap: Due to countless possibilities for individualization, which can be found in both prefabricated and solid construction, single-family homes can also be expensive. Therefore, you should not rely on the relatively small size, but constantly keep an overview of the construction costs.

What is the construction cost of a detached house?: detached

Prefabricated or solid house: what is cheaper?

Prefabricated houses are considered the cheap alternative to a solid house, but is that true? Usually already, because a prefabricated house can be industrially manufactured and thus requires less effort than the "stone-on-stone" variant. Nevertheless, there are numerous possibilities for individualization in modern prefabricated buildings, which are becoming increasingly popular with builders and, of course, cost more than the standard model from the catalog.

Therefore, the price savings compared to solid houses sometimes very low, which is why your personal taste counts: Better a significantly reduced construction time or a more massive structure that can score in terms of sound insulation?

The example project

For our example, we take a massive detached house with a floor area of ​​120 square meters. In order to make the overall calculation realistic, all costs are calculated, including those of the associated property, whose area is 500 square meters. Of course, both land and construction prices can vary widely depending on the region and the committed businesses.

example calculation

Cost overviewprice
1. Detached house (solid, 120 square meters floor space)120,000 euros
2nd cellar40,000 EUR
3rd plot (500 sqm)35,000 euros
4. Interior work60,000 euros
5. Terrace and garden design15,000 euros
6. Organizational requirements (notary, building permit)10,000 euros
total280,000 euros

How can you save costs?

Good organization and planning saves a lot of money when building a single-family home. When planning, set a clear financial limit to better plan your financing. If you do not, individual items add up to a total amount that far exceeds your estimate.

Also important: even smaller savings, wherever, play a crucial role: If you pay attention to possible savings in the entire construction process, this will make the final amount clearly noticeable.

Tips & Tricks

Compare the prices of different companies or companies to get a rough overview of the offer. The most expensive provider is not necessarily the best; Experiences of other builders usually help more.

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