How to renovate a prefabricated house?

Your once expensive prefabricated house begins to be redeveloped at one corner or the other? Then it is time to do a professional and effective renovation. In this article you will learn what you should keep in mind so that your house shines again in new splendor.

The outer wall

In many cases, the age of a house makes itself felt by increasing heat loss. Here, a renovation of the outer wall helps: To bring this up to the latest state of the art, a so-called composite thermal insulation system is installed, a multi-layer preparation of the outer walls.

This system ensures that the heat is stored again and thus prevents excessive, inefficient energy loss. The investment, which can cost a few thousand euros, pays off after only a few years.

How to renovate a prefabricated house?: renovate

Combating odors

In some prefabricated houses, built before 1984, it may come due to the wood preservatives used at that time to a moldy, "old" odor. In order to avoid this in the future, a special procedure is used.

In this case, a paint is applied first, which neutralizes the odor source, whereupon a special absorber fleece destroys all existing odors. This is completed by an insulation system that prevents the formation of unpleasant odors in the future.

Especially with unpleasant odors it becomes clear that not only external "beauty", but also the "clean" core of the house counts: If your house is stable and modern from the inside, the rest is generally in good condition. It is therefore advisable to start with a renovation inside and then treat the exterior.

Effective bath renovation

Especially in the bathroom over the years, a real need for renovation arise, which is usually attributed to defects or damage to the construction. Seals may "neglect" their function over time, and leaking water will cause further damage.

Here it makes sense, if you prepare your bathroom professionally and if necessary even draw "benefits" from it: A creative redesign with contemporary design transforms your bathroom into a modern spa, which reveals nothing of your old bathroom.

In many cases, the same principle also applies to the kitchen: the sealing of leaky joints prevents water escaping from damaging other areas.

Modernization of building services

The extremely high energy costs of recent years are an imposition for many homeowners. As part of a refurbishment of your prefabricated house, decide to install state-of-the-art energy technology such as a photovoltaic system so as not to be dependent on rising energy costs.

Also, for example, an infrared heater or the controlled ventilation of your house can help to keep energy costs as low as possible.


Here is an overview of possible remedial measures:

  • Insulation of the basement, exterior walls or roof
  • Illustration of construction-related odor formation
  • Renovation of all rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen
  • Modernization of building services through advanced energy production

Tips & Tricks

If you are not a specialist, do not do any experiments. Let the refurbishment work done by a specialist.

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