How should a prefabricated house be isolated?

Are you interested in a prefabricated house? An extremely important aspect of this design is good insulation: it ensures adequate energy consumption and creates a pleasant atmosphere. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the insulation of a prefabricated house.

The investment is worthwhile

Bad insulation is noticeable day by day: you need to constantly reheat, which is not only expensive, but also creates an unbalanced indoor climate. Therefore, the investment in a good insulation is worthwhile: Above all, the outer wall should be well insulated, since the most energy is lost here.

But also an insulation of the inner walls provides for an improved atmosphere: The rooms can better "separate" the different temperatures, a heat exchange is prevented. Prefabricated houses often have the problem of missing internal heat storage.

How should a prefabricated house be isolated?: isolated

Not only the outer wall, but also windows, blind boxes and the front door give off heat. Here you should check whether all seals fulfill their purpose and, if necessary, replace them. Because: If the house is not completely tight, the heat "seeks" any weak points and the overall effect is reduced.

Styrofoam - the best insulating material?

Styrofoam is still the most popular insulating material: Thanks to an unbelievably high air content of about 98%, it is able to reliably insulate. However, there is a difference between insulation and heat storage. Actually called polystyrene, this material also insulates against the heat of the sun and thus ensures that water can escape only by evaporation.

As a result, the formation of condensation occurs, which provides for a long time for a proper softening of the walls. This leads to a lower ability to store heat. A useful alternative to Styrofoam are wood fiber boards. These prevent thermal decoupling and ensure that a healthy level of moisture exchange takes place.


The following overview summarizes the information about isolation:

  • Insulation of the outer wall elementary
  • Windows, roller shutter boxes and doors should also be insulated
  • Wood fiber boards ensure improved climate exchange
  • Good insulation ensures energy efficiency and pleasant atmosphere

Tips & Tricks

Ensure good insulation already during construction; You will not have to worry about additional expenses

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