How should one divide the rooms in the family house?

Because the single-family home is a relatively small type of house from the ground up, a sensible room layout is even more important. In this article, you will receive tips on how to make the best possible use of the space in your single-family home and thus live more pleasantly.

Winding buildings cost space

When designing an individual single-family home, many builders are interested in emphasizing the uniqueness of the house through extravagant, modern forms. However, this is disadvantageous for the layout of the room: the spaces and the perceived size are taken from the rooms by winding shapes.

So, if you decide on a house shape that will allow you to use well-usable rooms, it will be much easier for you to make a sensible room layout. It is no problem to combine a modern appearance with a functional interior; the possibilities are countless.

How should one divide the rooms in the family house?: house

Open spaces

In order to improve the sense of space of your single-family home, ie to create a perceived larger and freer interior, the so-called "open living" is recommended: not all rooms are separated by doors, living room and kitchen, for example, form a large room.

Meaningful room layout

There is not "the" right room layout, but it depends on this decision on your personal house. However, a few principles can be taken into account to make later living as comfortable as possible. So the bedrooms should be as far as possible from the street and upstairs. The motto "living downstairs, sleeping upstairs" proves itself in most cases, as it ensures the best possible peace and quiet.

A high degree of flexibility is very important for modern single-family homes. Considering the long useful life of a home, occasional rearrangements should not be a problem. It helps when there are as few static walls as possible.

Tips & Tricks

Take a look at different houses of prefab and solid house manufacturers to get an overview of different types of room layout.

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