How to build a steam shower yourself

Required material:

  • steam generator
  • vent pipe
  • Shower cabin, completely closed, with ventilation slot
  • Sanitary sealants

Step 1

First, a walk-in shower in the bathroom must be installed. In order to be able to build this to a steam shower, it is advisable to make the wall seal on the wall up to ceiling height and also to seal the ceiling. In this case, the shower cubicle can be mounted flush with the ceiling and the steam shower can be closed upwards. The tile mirror should be applied throughout the steam shower area. However, it is also possible to seal the shower cabin regardless of their height with a top disc. Note, however, that the steam shower is as bright as possible, a wet room lamp creates a cozy atmosphere. It is also particularly important that you include a vent tube for oxygen delivery and vents in the shower cubicle to allow for normal use of the shower in addition to the steam shower operation, if desired.

step 2

After completion of the walk-in shower and shower cubicle, the steam generator is connected. The steam generator should be selected to suit the size of your steam shower. The different manufacturers offer different models that are suitable for almost any home-made steam shower available. When connecting the generator, make sure you have a good seal on the joints. So no moisture can escape and no cold, disturbing air penetrate into the steam shower. Seal the transitions with sanitary sealant. The generator requires not only a power connection but also a fresh water, a sewage and a steam connection. The optics of the steam generator is being revised by the manufacturers more and more. The devices are small and can be concealed by a cabinet or a suspended piece of wall.

How to build a steam shower yourself: build

step 3

After the laying and assembly work, all supply and discharge lines of steam and water must be well sealed. Perform a leak test on all openings of the steam shower cabin. With just a few steps you build your own steam shower and create a place of relaxation.

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