How is the stair run length calculated?

The stair run length is an important measure in staircase construction, which has to be considered in the planning - with straight staircases it can also be determined relatively easily. Spindle and spiral staircases are to be calculated differently, here the stair specialist continues to help. The DIN 18065 regulates exactly how the stair run length is to be measured, also there is a formula for the calculation.

Other terms for «staircase run length»

The person skilled in the art also uses the words "run length" and "run length" instead of "run length". But what is meant is always the same, namely the standard stipulated in DIN 18065, which determines the floor plan of the staircase.

How is the staircase length measured?

DIN 18065 states that the stair run length designates the floor plan from the front edge of the entrance step to the front edge of the exit step. So a horizontal measurement takes place, which does not correspond to the rising course of the stairs, but determines the floor plan length.

In short, the stair run length is the sum of all appearances in a straight staircase. For stairs with arcuate course, this type of measurement makes no sense, since the run length for the floor plan in this case has no relevance.

However, intermediate platforms of a straight staircase are added to the staircase length, because they too are included in the staircase layout and must be planned accordingly.

Relationship between appearance and gradient

The run length is still no indication of the comfortable walkability of the stairs. However, if many stages are accommodated on a short run, it is a steep staircase with small appearances.

Particularly safe are stairs with gigs of 29 cm and gradients of 17 cm, because here the least amount of effort is required when walking. The inclination angle is at such a staircase at about 30 degrees.

How is the stair run length calculated?

To calculate the stair run length for a straight staircase, we recommend using a formula: Multiply the width of the staircase by the number of steps. However, undercuts must not be taken into account.

Stairlength = width of entrance x number of steps

Tips & Tricks

Railings and handrails are longer than the staircase length as they follow the slope. That is why the measure of pure ground plan determination serves and is not important for the planning of these security elements.

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