How can you inflate an air mattress without a pump?

Not always you have an air pump when it comes to pumping up an air mattress. Inflation with the mouth is very tedious and often causes dizziness. Find out below which alternative methods are available for inflating an air mattress.

Methods to inflate an air mattress

You do not necessarily need an air pump if you want to inflate your air mattress, even if that is certainly the fastest method. These home appliances and appliances help you to inflate your air mattress without a pump:

  • trash bag
  • hairdryer
  • bicycle pump
  • vacuum cleaner

Inflate the air mattress with a garbage bag

Of the four methods mentioned, this is certainly the most tedious, but it's fun and especially when you're camping, you probably will not have a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner with you.
All you need is a durable, airtight garbage bag and some time. Then proceed as follows:

1. Fill the garbage bag with air

Swing the garbage bag through the air, causing it to inflate. Then close the opening and form a tube-like mouth.

2. Set up the garbage bag

Open the valve of the air mattress and put the hose-like mouth of your garbage bag against the opening. Close the bag as airtight as possible around the valve and hold it there during the entire process. Alternatively, you can tape them with tape or tape, but you'll need to remove them all the time.

3. Empty the garbage bag

Then empty the air in the garbage bag by carefully kneeling on it. Do not let the opening go!

4. Repeat

Repeat the process until the air mattress is filled.

Inflate the air mattress with a hair dryer

If you want to inflate the air mattress at home or in the garden, this is a good method. All you need is a hair dryer with a cold-foehn option and a power outlet to plug it in. If you have several attachments for your hair dryer, choose the narrowest one. Then put the hair dryer as close as possible to the valve opening and blow dry at the highest level. The air mattress should then slowly fill with air. To get a faster result, you can glue the Föhnöffnung with the painter crepe to the valve, so as to reduce the loss of air.

Inflate the air mattress with a bicycle pump

Most bicycle pumps have several attachments and one of them will fit on your air mattress valve. If this is not the case, you can try to seal the valve with a painter's crepe, insulating tape or the like.

Inflate the air mattress with a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner can be used in various ways to fill an air mattress with air. As you inflate your air mattress with a dust cleaner, we explain in detail and step by step in this guide.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not have any of these auxiliary items on hand, you have no choice but to inflate the air mattress with your mouth. How to do this and how to prevent you from getting dizzy is explained here.

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