How do you actually use a washing machine?

Contrary to the fear of many married men, the operation of the washing machine is not as difficult as it often seems. The most important basic rules are summarized below.

Step 1: What can be washed and how?

Each piece of laundry can only withstand a certain temperature. Wool, silk and very delicate textiles are delicate and are therefore considered as "delicates". The temperature that is possible is shown on every item of laundry on the inside label in a temperature specification. Hot it should not be washed. Wool must not be thrown, fine textiles only with a few spin turns and only briefly.

Step 2: Sort laundry

Everyone has their own system that they develop over time, but basically it's all about:

  • Bright (white) textiles should not be mixed with colorful ones in the machine
  • Up to 40° C, different colors can be mixed without any problem, unless a piece of laundry contains the note "wash separately".
  • The maximum temperature for a laundry must not be exceeded.
  • everything that is similar (material, maximum temperature, color) may be put together in the machine
  • Pre-washing is practically never necessary, except for very heavy soiling
  • Washing powder in compartment II (main wash) Fabric softener in compartment III (flower, rinse, od. Similar)

Tips & Tricks

With good washing powder, a 40° wash almost always suffices if there are no heavy soiling. It can do just about anything in the machine, except dyeing garments.

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