How well can latex paint really be washed off?

Latex paint has a reputation for being easily washable due to its relatively dense surface. Therefore, some do-it-yourselfers decide to coat wall areas, which come more often with dirt, with this paint. But not every latex paint proves to be equally durable - and when cleaning the surface, there is a lot to consider.

When purchasing latex paint pay attention to wet abrasion class

Wall paints are divided into five different wet abrasion classes for their cleanability. The 5 is awarded for less durable paints, the 1 indicates a high wet abrasion resistance.

When buying, pay attention to how high the wet abrasion resistance of your latex paint is. A really high-quality coating should be here at 1, this class usually reach only high-quality latex paints whose surface can be washed off easily.

Other emulsion paints are usually only in the wet abrasion class 2, they form a matte, but very robust surface. Latex paints are particularly easy to wash off, the reason being their dense, dirt-repellent structure.

So wash your latex paint thoroughly

When the wall finally gets dirty, it's time to clean up! Since high-quality latex paints repel the dirt relatively well, often simple means are sufficient to get a clean surface again. Sometimes, however, more effort is needed:

  • Light soiling can be easily removed with a microfiber cloth and warm water. A drop of detergent dissolves fat.
  • If the gentle washing does not succeed, add a brush with plastic or natural bristles. Rub the wall with a damp cloth.
  • A dirt eraser helps to clean the most polluted areas again.

However, latex paint is not a panacea to dirt. Especially in rooms where smoking is heavy, but also staircases for several residential units can be so heavily polluted after some time that no washing up helps more.

What if the latex paint does not get clean?

If, despite your best efforts, the latex paint does not become clean, there are two solutions: Either paint over it with a new coat of latex paint - or remove the entire paint and coat the wall in a different way.

Tips & Tricks

Paint your latex paint preferably on wallpaper, because of plaster you can remove this coating very difficult. Fiberglass wallpaper has proven itself in this sense.

Video Board: Power Washing Latex Paint Away