Humidifier comparison 2018

Purchase advice on the humidifier comparison or test 2018

  • A humidifier increases the humidity in living spaces and can thus prevent colds, relieve allergies and improve the hydration of the skin. Some humidifiers also spray room fragrances.
  • There are evaporators (also called steam humidifiers), evaporators and atomizers. When buying, you should pay attention to the maximum room size and key features such as an automatic shutdown.
  • Caution is advised if the liquid remains in the humidifier for a long time, as this may lead to microbial contamination. Be sure to periodically clean the humidifier to prevent it from happening.

Humidifier comparison 2018: room

Especially in the winter, many know the problem: We like to turn up the heating and enjoy the pleasant warmth, but after some time, the air dryness caused by the heating is noticeable. Dry skin and eyes as well as irritated airways can be the result.

A humidifier helps to remedy this by distributing a fine water vapor in the room and so increase the humidity in the room in a gentle and pleasant way. A humidifier in the bedroom can also provide a restful night's sleep due to the more comfortable indoor climate.

In our humidifier comparison 2018 we present you the best humidifiers. In addition, you will find in our guide, which container volume is suitable for your needs, if you want to buy a humidifier. We also give more tips on air humidification and explain how to best clean the device.

1. Why do you need a humidifier and how does it work?

Humidifier comparison 2018: room

An ideal humidity can prevent colds.

A humidifier (also humidifier or room humidifier) can significantly improve the indoor climate and prevent colds and flu infections.

The recommended relative humidity of breathing air in a room is 40 to 60%. However, most living rooms only reach around 30% relative humidity in winter.

Dry indoor air can cause some problems: The risk of catching a cold increases, as the respiratory tract is not optimally moisturized and colds in dry air can survive longer. The skin can also dry out very much. Humidification also reduces pollen and dust and can thus contribute significantly to the well-being of allergy sufferers.

Although there are other ways to increase the humidity in the room (for example, using plants or a bowl of water on the heater), but these did not cause long-term humidification of the room air. In addition, if the water in the shell is not changed regularly or the potting soil contains mold spores, these methods also prove to be unhygienic.The cleanest, long-term solution is therefore a humidifier.

2. Buying advice for humidifiers: what do you need to pay attention to?

2.1. Humidifier types

There are different Types of humidifiers, whose functionality and advantages and disadvantages we would like to present in the following table:


Humidifier comparison 2018: comparison

  • Heating the water
  • Transfer of steam to the environment
high humidification performance
very hygienic by killing germs in hot water
does not lower the room temperature
Energy consumption quite high
Over moistening possible
relative expensive

Humidifier comparison 2018: humidifier

  • Distribution of the water on the largest possible surface, e.g. with slats
Energy consumption low
no over-moistening
free of aerosols
mid price
Humidification performance rather low
increased risk of microbial contamination
lowers room temperature

Humidifier comparison 2018: comparison

  • Nebulization of the water by ultrasound (ultrasonic nebulizer or ultrasonic atomizer) or pumps
Energy consumption low
very cheap humidifier
Humidification performance rather low
increased risk of microbial contamination
Over moistening possible
lowers room temperature

The The counterpart to the humidifier is the dehumidifier, It is used when the humidity in the room is too high, for example on construction sites or after a water damage.

Tip: There is also the category of air cleaners or air washers. These are particularly versatile because they can both humidify and dehumidify the air. In addition, air scrubbers clean the air of dust and germs and neutralize bad odors.

However, these models have the Disadvantage that they work by means of ionization, which u.a. leads to the formation of unhealthy ozone gas. To avoid this, they should have a so-called HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter). For details on air purifiers or air washers, see our air purifier comparison.

2.2. Technical specifications

Humidifier comparison 2018: room

For very large rooms you may need several humidifiers.

In any case, you should note how big the room to be humidified may be maximum. If the room is larger than the specified room size, the desired effect can not be guaranteed. For almost every room size, a suitable model can be found: From devices for rooms of almost 30 m² to humidifiers for up to 100 m², everything is represented in our comparison. The maximum room size can be found under the product data.

You should also pay attention to the size of the tank. You do not need to fill large tanks (6 - 10 liters) less often, but small tanks (1.8 - 6 liters) are easier to clean than big ones.

You should also pay attention to the power consumption or power consumption in watts, as well as the maximum battery life. In addition, the volume in decibels (dB) plays a role. Finally, the humidifier runs in the living room and should therefore work as quietly as possible. The values ​​vary very much here: Longer models generate about 60 dB, which corresponds to a conversation at room volume; Silent humidifiers are similar to a library with about 40 to 50 dB.

2.3. Accessories and additional services

Fine aroma with scented oils

In some humidifiers, you can also use scented oils, Then the humidifier distributes the aroma with the fine water vapor in the room and can thus replace an aroma diffuser.

Some models have a timer or automatic shutoff, which makes the use in particularly bedrooms safe. An automatic shutdown reacts via small sensors to the current humidity and switches off the device when a predetermined threshold value is reached. For a timer, on the other hand, the runtime setting is made manually.

On some models, you can also set the humidification levelsOthers also have a remote control, which makes handling very comfortable.

3. Cleaning and care of humidifiers

Humidifier comparison 2018: comparison

If you regularly clean your humidifier, nothing stands in the way of the pleasant indoor climate.

Stagnant water in the humidifier is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. In the worst case, a Legionella infestation can form in such a device, Legionella spread through finely atomised water - the so-called aerosol - and can thus enter the respiratory tract and cause bacterial pneumonia (legionellosis).

So be sure to clean your humidifier regularly, Please note the following points:

  • If frequently used, clean the humidifier with water and vinegar at least every three days, As a cleaning agent you can alternatively use a descaler. This prevents bacterial growth and decalcifies the humidifier.
  • Clean the container thoroughly every two weeks.
  • It is best to use distilled water in your humidifier, as less calcium deposits form.

Tip: Before storing a humidifier, it should always be completely dry to prevent mold or bacterial contamination. Before commissioning in the new season, the device should be cleaned again.

4. Questions and answers about humidifiers

Humidifier comparison 2018: comparison

4.1. When do I need a humidifier?

The humidity in your rooms can best be found out with a hygrometer, ie a moisture meter. This can either be bought or borrowed.

With this device, you can determine whether you need a humidifier or rather should lower too high humidity with a dehumidifier. The ideal relative humidity is between 40 and 60%. If the value is below 40%, you should buy a humidifier, with more than 60%, a dehumidifier is the best choice for you.

4.2. What does Stiftung Warentest say about humidifiers?

Humidifier comparison 2018: comparison

Incidentally, with a humidifier you can also prevent your musical instruments from getting out of tune!

Stiftung Warentest itself has not carried out a humidifier test. Thus, no test winner for humidifier was set yet. However, the test institute points to a humidifier test of the Swiss consumer magazine in issue 01/2016 K-Tipp, There will warned that asthmatics should do without ultrasonic atomizersbecause these can increase the bacterial concentration in the air up to three times.

4.3. What should I pay attention to when using humidifiers?

Especially with evaporators and atomizers is the Danger of over-humidifying the room, For safety, check the room humidity with a hygrometer to adjust the humidifier accordingly.

4.4. How can I provide even higher humidity?

Humidifier comparison 2018: room

Indoor plants can increase the humidity in rooms. Best are varieties that consume a lot of water, such as the green lily.

Not only the special devices from our humidifier comparison can increase the humidity in rooms. There are other means:

So you can Place wet cloths or a bowl of water on the heaterto allow the air to evaporate and provide sufficient air humidity.

Also plants are suitable for it. Especially plants with high water consumption such as Papyrus or hydroponics can increase the humidity in rooms.

Note, however, that the humidity caused by such measures not so long term and increased evenly can be like by humidifier.

4.5. Important manufacturers and brands

Especially the well-known manufacturers Honeywell, Dyson and Venta are experts in the field of ventilation and humidification, If, on the other hand, you are looking for a cheap humidifier, you should stick to Medisana, Klarstein or Clatronic models.

  • Philips
  • Venta
  • Beurer
  • medisana
  • Dyson
  • Wick
  • Klarstein
  • Stadler form
  • wenko
  • Delonghi
  • clatronic
  • steba
  • Glossy Ibis
  • Honeywell

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