Cultivate hyacinths as an early-flowering houseplant and overwinter

Care tips for fragrant hyacinths

Cultivate hyacinths as an early-flowering houseplant and overwinter: overwinter

The hyacinth (Hyacinthus) belongs to the plant family of asparagus plants and is one of the early flowering.

The herbaceous plant forms racemose inflorescences in a variety of colors that announce the end of the cold season in early spring.

Even as an ornamental plant in a flowerpot, the hyacinth thrives magnificently, flower lovers can choose between different species here. Allen together is their intense scentwho can fill rooms in houseplants already in December.

In the field The hyacinth blooms when the days are gradually warmer and threaten no night frosts.

Attention: Hyacinths are slightly poisonous and can cause nausea and stomach discomfort when ingested.

Plant hyacinths in the field

The hyacinth is considered to be the spring messenger and promises warm and sunny days. The flower bulb settles both outdoors and in the room as a potted plant. The attitude is especially beautiful hyacinth glass.

Hyacinths in the bed prefer plenty of sunlight and a well-ventilated soil that is not prone to waterlogging. Ideally, you additionally loosen the ground with something Sand and compost on to counteract a rotting of the onion.

Plant the hyacinth bulb already in late autumn in the flowerbed, it should be the planting hole twice as deep as the onion wide his. Propelled Hyacinths can also be planted in early spring, when the strong night frosts are over.

tip: Hyacinths are especially beautiful as a flower field. Make sure, however, that you have sufficient planting distance for healthy plant growth. You can find more tips on our page on Hyacinth care in the field.

Maintain hyacinth as a houseplant properly

Cultivate hyacinths as an early-flowering houseplant and overwinter: overwinter

Hyacinths are available in different species with different flower colors and shapes.

As a potted plant, the hyacinth requires conditions similar to those of its conspecifics in the flowerbed. Plant the unexploded flower bulb in a flowerpot with high quality, nutrient-rich and looser Potting soil.

To prevent waterlogging put you in the lower part of the flowerpot a drainage layer, this can for example consist of crushed clay slices or pebbles.

Moisten the soil evenly and set the entire pot over the winter in a dark, cool room, Watering is done weekly during the rest period, making sure that not the bulb but the soil is moistened. Show the first green shoots, the hyacinth can be put back on the windowsill.

Cold treatment of the houseplant for new flowering phase

Cultivate hyacinths as an early-flowering houseplant and overwinter: houseplant

The hyacinth is a early flowering bulb plant.

Hyacinths can be used as a potted plant indoors bloom perennial, For a flowering period, however, the hyacinth must be prepared specifically. is the first flowering season the hyacinth end of May past, the plant is placed in a dark room. Here she spends her summer rest and is less cast, but not further maintained.

In October finally follows the so-called Cold treatment for a new flowering phase, Plant the hyacinth in fresh potting soil and start for the next three weeks again with a steadily rising irrigation. Following is the hyacinth for eight weeks in the fridge placed. Here it drives again and can eventually be repotted.

tipWho wants to spare these care measures, can fall back on one-year, cold-treated copies from the retailer.

Planting tip for spring-like arrangements

Cultivate hyacinths as an early-flowering houseplant and overwinter: cultivate

Hyacinths in the glass are already very decorative.

Hyacinths are already very beautiful as a specimen plant due to their extraordinary inflorescences. With individual flowers in rustic glass, consciously focus on contrasts.

Alternatively, hyacinths can also be particularly well with other spring bloomers like Daffodils, crocuses or tulips in arrange shallow bowls, Here, the flower bulbs like half covered with earth, so they act as an additional decorative element.

Gather inspiration for design options on our extensive page on popular flowerbulbs from flower bulbs.

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