I build a water column!

I build a water column!: build

So it should be: The water column as a source of rest for the holiday mood

The water column for the garden: This is my holiday idea! A project that I certainly prioritize since last summer before me. So far I have had many excuses: no time, no holidays, rain, too hot, headaches and above all the classic "oh no... not today!" Therefore, I would like to put a little pressure on myself to motivate myself by giving the Increase expectation pressure from the outside. Like that, maybe by blogging my daring plan here? Yes exactly. In addition, I announce my water column also cocky in the blog parade of home-actuellakt.de.

For the project, I would like to give myself a little time and some materials I already have, such as the acrylic glass tube and the entire pond pump. However, I still quarrel with some extras, such as the illumination of the tube. I want blue, my girlfriend red. This afternoon, the Christian comes to me because of the change circuit. If he can make it cheap for me, I have the green light.

As I said, since I have not built the thing yet, but the blog parade drives me to action, there is only the plan drawing, which I have gemöpst from the garden center. Christian's tattering experiments thus come to their dignified use.

The origin of my idea for the water column

Holiday, for me that is relaxation, peace, quiet, relaxation and last but not least a matter of visual impressions. Do not get me wrong: my garden is cool! With over 100 square meters and a rectangular floor plan form, it is ideally suited to plant left and right and to hold one or the other celebration. Even if the sun is burning in the summer, you can crawl well on the couch and make all the fives straight. But: The icing is missing. So I thought about decorating the front third with this water column. I would like to have something that you can see from inside the living room. So something that you have something of, even if you are not in the garden right now. Certainly, I'm also building something that will astonish the neighbors. Disadvantage: The light attracts the mosquitoes. But, I'll come up with something. Because of the few Surrbiester I do not let the fun of my water column spoil.

The plan

Freedom: I need holidays. That means, I have to ask the boss if he gives me a few days off. I do not have to tell him why, because if he finds out, then I should definitely put him in the garden. But: he'll read this anyway. And if I get extra for a few extra days, then I like to build such a water column. Good: problem almost solved!

The thing with the stream: I am still not sure how to do that with the supply line. I'll probably put the cable underground. It does not have to be deeply buried, so it does not stand out. If necessary, I also buy a green cable, which is not noticeable on the meadow.

Documentation: If it stands, I take pictures

The project name: The child needs a name! I already had some ideas as to what this could be, but my previous favorite: "I made water!" Still does not like it that much. Maybe I'll start a blog parade myself to find a name?

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