I wish a busy 2016 - conversion LED spot

Hello dear readers,

I wish a busy 2016 - conversion LED spot: wish

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I hope you had a great Christmas and wish you a healthy year with successful projects and maybe some tool surprises.

After a busy job exit (hence fewer blog posts), the festive days were rather quiet and much on the couch. Although I had to open two walls in the workshop to replace a broken cable, but the initially planned complete wall modification was postponed to "soon". The planned new wall design in the bedroom has to wait a bit. The wall is prepared and ground, only a crash in the own entablature did not allow me any big movements. Now I slowly turn around on my executive chair and try to find a pain-free position. But it will be slow again and then I will be physically fit again.

Without a small project, I have not spent the holidays

I wish a busy 2016 - conversion LED spot: spot

original spot with LED-Stipe

A long time ago, I had reported the construction of a cloakroom in the utility room (did I really?) And installed four LED spots there. Although I'm absolutely on LED's, it is unfortunately so that you do not get the same quality everywhere. These recessed lights were definitely a handle in the famous bowl, started to flicker quickly and soon reached only cuddly lighting. I am / was clear that such furniture spots will hardly illuminate the room, but I would like to find my jacket. The parts had to be removed and replaced or improved. Since I was reluctant to spend money, only one option remained.

I wish a busy 2016 - conversion LED spot: wish

In addition to not having to reinstall everything, the idea came up to replace the small installed LED strips with SMD LEDs with existing LEDs - which are always lying around with me. Luckily, for better light distribution, the original spots contained two different Plexiglas panes, and I made two attempts to look that way. The thinner matted obscured the view of the lines, the thicker looked more beautiful. In the dark, you see nothing anyway and are the LEDs on, you should not see straight in anyway.

However, I quickly realized that four 3mm LEDs are not enough and decided to install eight of them. Since each LED needs just over 3 volts and I use a stabilized power supply with 12 volts, that should work without Vorwiederstand with two groups of four.

When drilling, a checkered sheet and an angled stopper will help. This saves the tearing and the result is even. The first lamp has already become quite useful.

I wish a busy 2016 - conversion LED spot: 2016

8 LEDs soldered ready

I wish a busy 2016 - conversion LED spot: 2016

converted LED spot

I wish a busy 2016 - conversion LED spot: spot

drill from Plexiglas

"Bright" enthusiasm, however, looked different and even if the spots were now as bright as the old ones, I did not really like the result yet. There had to be more here.

I wish a busy 2016 - conversion LED spot: busy

Plexiglas with 12 LEDs

The eight LEDs with 3mm emit their light at an angle of 40°, which is already quite wide. However, I lacked a little the spatial illumination. Space was still on the disc and so I have additionally installed four diffused LEDs (light output around) with a diameter of 5 mm. You just take what is available. ? It was a bit of a fumbling job, but the four spots are now replaced and - most importantly - brighter than before.

I am satisfied and finally there is light in the utility room again. Finally, one should never forget what happens when women do not find their shoes. You might come up with not having enough. Evil trap.

I wish you a great start to the new year and hope to find more time for interesting blog posts again.

Your Ricc

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