Operating the ice cream machine - this is how it works

Making ice yourself is the trend. The ice cream machine is at the center of the action. How to operate them correctly, what designs are available, and what to look for when making ice cream, read in this article.

Types of ice cream machines

Basically, for home use, you can distinguish between two types of ice machines: those that have their own cooling and those that use a cold pack.

Ice machines with their own cooling can be used immediately, devices with a cooling battery must first "cool down" in the freezer until they are ready for use. This can take up to a day.

The rest of the technology is relatively similar in both machines - it is a stirrer that scrapes the ice crystals that form on the walls and blends the resulting ice.

Basic steps

For machines that need to be cooled down, this is the first step. Sometimes you can also remove the battery, and put it separately in the refrigerator compartment. The icemaker itself can stay outside. For machines with own cooling this step is omitted.

The ingredients for your ice cream should also cool you. This facilitates the ice cream production and also leads to a better consistency.

Place the icemaker in the coolest place possible (at most room temperature, better below) and switch it on. Gradually fill in the ingredients through the filler hole. If you do that slowly, ice consistency will later become better and more even. Most icemakers work around 20 minutes until the ice is ready.

Remove ice and store

Do not use metal trowels to remove them - they could scratch the inside. Store ice in appropriate shapes and make sure the freezer is not set too cold. Ice cream should best be kept at around -6° C. Lower temperatures make it too hard and spoil the taste and creaminess.

Tips & Tricks

You can get a very fast ice cream if you smooth out frozen fruits (such as raspberries) with some quark and sugar in the smoothie mixer. The technique is relatively simple and works well with many other frozen and chopped fruits.

Video Board: soft ice cream machine operate video