The ideal water temperature in the hot water bottle

The most important thing about a hot water bottle is its felt effect. Therefore, in principle, there is no "right" temperature. The personal well-being decides. For safety reasons, however, a maximum temperature should not be exceeded. It is not only about the scalding danger, but also about the expansion.

Forty to a maximum of 65 degrees Celsius

When filling a hot water bottle, the temperature range between forty and sixty degrees Celsius provides the desired comfortable effect. Hot water from the faucet, depending on the heating, boiler or water heater setting usually about 65 degrees.

Higher temperatures can lead to burns and the hot water bottle has burst due to the resulting water vapor. For this reason, the hot water bottle should always only be filled up to two thirds. Around the hot water bottle wrapped towels regulate and extend the heat dissipation.

If no thermometer or other detectable temperature detection is available, then the rule of thumb should be considered in the heat of cooling the open hot water bottle by about one degree per minute.

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