Design ideas and tips for child-friendly children's rooms

Design ideas and tips for child-friendly children's rooms: children

Safety in the nursery!

Secure all sockets in the nursery.

A cover prevents children from putting their fingers or items in the power outlet.

During growth, the requirements for the nursery design change regularly. While in the baby room a changing table and the mobile above the little crib are handy, toddlers need plenty of storage space for toys. From the school age, a desk is essential and the teeny room is definitely not without a seating area for friends.

For an age-appropriate environment in which your child likes to stay, in addition to the choice of furniture, the color design and decoration of importance. For example, interests or hobbies can serve as inspiration for a theme room.

Especially important in the nursery design is the use of materials that are as pollutant-free as possible. So that everything gives a coherent overall picture later on, you should start with the careful planning. Walls and floors form the framework for the furnishings.

Step 1: Design of the walls in the nursery

Wall paints have a big influence on the indoor climate. Especially in the nursery you should therefore focus on colors without plasticizers and solvents. In addition, there is scientific evidence that different shades can influence our mood positively as well as negatively. Powerful colors, such as red or orange, have a stimulating effect, but they can also spread very quickly on large surfaces. Bright, muted tones, on the other hand, have a calming effect. Therefore, when choosing the color for the nursery, it is important to consider your child's personality.

Design ideas and tips for child-friendly children's rooms: design

Fanciful wall pattern for the girl room.

The perception of the room size is also influenced by the wall color. A deep ceiling may appear optically higher due to a light color. Dark colors, however, compress and are therefore unsuitable for small spaces.

Popular for the nursery are murals with the favorite motive of the little ones. They stimulate the imagination and are the eye-catcher in every play area. Even at the desk it may be lively. Here are wall patterns with stimulating colors, such as pink or a bold yellow allowed. In the cot, however, your offspring should relax, allowing for delicate pastel tones.

The choice of the right color is an extensive topic, why we have deleted the most important points for you in our guide nursery (article was not yet online, link?), Have summarized once again.

Design ideas and tips for child-friendly children's rooms: tips

Eye-catcher: star wallpaper matched to the decor.

If you do not feel like painting, you will find a large selection of wallpapers for the nursery. In the nursery are neutral motifs such as teddy bears, clouds or dots.

Boys and girls from the age of 3 already have their own idea of ​​wallpaper design. If the choice falls on a very colorful, lively variant, it is advisable to paper it only on a wall. Otherwise, the room can quickly become restless.

Another creative idea for the design of a single wall is the photo wallpaper. The original wall motifs stimulate the imagination of the little ones.

Step 2: The nursery floor

Design ideas and tips for child-friendly children's rooms: child-friendly

Carpet made of natural fiber for a healthy living room climate.

The choice of the soil is largely a matter of taste. However, you should also make sure that the underground is free of pollutants. eco-friendly Natural floors made of cork or rubber are insensitive, easy to clean and are therefore particularly suitable as a nursery floor.

Wooden floors made of solid wood flooring or parquet are among the most durable floors. Small quirks can be sanded off easily. After the seal, the coating then looks like new again.

Design ideas and tips for child-friendly children's rooms: child-friendly

Puzzle carpet for cosiness in the play area.

On cuddly carpet in front of the cot warms cold feet after getting up. As a carpet for the entire area are suitable easy-care natural carpets, Even allergy sufferers do not necessarily have to do without the fluffy surface. It has been proven that carpets bind dust and therefore spread less in the indoor air. A regular cleaning provided, a well-kept short-pile carpet so even with sensitive airways no problem.

A wide range of different designs is offered by the laminate floor. However, playing on the hard, cold ground, just like on tiles and natural stone floor, quickly becomes uncomfortable. Play carpets or mats can help here. More about flooring in the nursery can be found here.

Step 3: Nursery furniture - practical and age appropriate

Especially with the essential furnishings, such as bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers, it is important to pay attention to the quality. Practical furniture that "grows" with your child adapts to the age requirements and does not require constant replacement.

Design ideas and tips for child-friendly children's rooms: design

Practical: cozy armchair next to the cot.

The cot with removable braces protects against falling out in the first few years, later it can become one cot be rebuilt. Only the mattress needs to be replaced. Even a convertible changing table can continue to decrease in the nursery as a result of the decrease storage space serve.

In infants and toddlers, parents also do a favor with one comfortable seating, An armchair or rocking chair next to the cot is a great place for readers and makes breastfeeding easier at night.

As your child ages, lots of toys accumulate. Here is a handy storage system that allows children to clean themselves up. In a big one Spielkiste Building bricks, dolls and Co. can be accommodated quickly. To avoid that the nursery is like a storage room after some time, can be regular mucking but not avoid. Special furnishings like a play tent, one ceiling swing or one climbing wall make the nursery an adventure playground. A sitting area in children size invites you to paint and crafts.

Boys and girls from about 6 years also need one writing desk such as shelves for notebooks and books. A height-adjustable desk chair with good seating comfort, your child can accompany the entire school.

Design ideas and tips for child-friendly children's rooms: child-friendly

Important in the youth room, desk and sitting area.

The interior of the youth room is usually determined individually by the resident. However, a seating area for friends is good for every teen.

If you do not want to choose each piece of furniture individually, furniture stores offer complete sets for baby, kids and youth rooms. Usually this variant is cheaper than the single purchase.

Finally, too proper lighting The different room areas an important aspect of the nursery design. A single ceiling lamp is usually not enough. Tired eyes when learning are through a desk lamp avoided and one Bedside lamp next to the bed avoids nocturnal light switch searches.

All furniture in the nursery must be checked for your risk of accident, Especially toddlers pull up on shelves or try to dig through the rungs on the bed. Therefore, make sure that no furniture can tip over and the spacing of the bed rails are chosen so that your baby can not get stuck in it. Rolling down from the changing table can be avoided by limiting the sides. A child safety lock for drawers is useful. Good manufacturers of children's furniture also refrain from sharp edges where the little ones can hurt themselves.

Step 4: Decoration in the nursery

Design ideas and tips for child-friendly children's rooms: tips

Color-coordinated decoration in the girls room.

Whether pirate ship, princess castle or stylish Teenyhöhle, the decoration of the children's and youth room gives the facility its final touch. To avoid a cramped nursery, limit yourself to a few selected decorative items, matching the motto.

If you also fall back on the decor's existing colors, the entire interior looks harmonious. Decorating the nursery is the motto less is more, Because of the many toys that children have in their room anyway, the room otherwise seems quickly overloaded. The color scheme of furnishings has a great advantage, you have to someday Sheets, curtains and pillows in the same tone These can easily be exchanged to transform the nursery.

Author: Yvonne Bräunig

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