Ideas for bathroom renovation

If you renovate your bathroom, you start this project with a luxury problem - the range of options is almost unmanageable. Therefore, proceed systematically when planning your ideas.

Step 1: the habits and wishes of your family

All family members will use the renovated bathroom. Include everyone with you. Make a note of each of your wishes and follow the individual habits. For example, if several family members need to get to work or school early at the same time, the washbasin quickly becomes a double washbasin.
Shower and / or bath or jacuzzi are mainly based on the spatial possibilities. Is there any interest in a bidet?

Step 2: the character of the bath

Decide together if your bathroom should be classically neutral with light tiles and white sanitary fittings or modern with large-format stoneware tiles. Do you rather like the conservative look or one with many glass surfaces as shelves and stainless steel?
The character of the appropriate lighting. A general lighting is hardly installed today. Instead, use a sub-ceiling with LED spots that accentuate the bathroom and make-up mirror.

Step 3: the room layout

Baths rarely have a generous floor space, if Whirlpool & Co. are to be accommodated. Therefore, plan the furniture space-saving, but also user-friendly. Make use of the pre-wall installations of the WC etc. as sensible and space-saving storage areas. If there is a collection shaft for the installations in your bathroom, this can be used as a room divider and privacy screen to the toilet.

Step 4: the technique

The sanitary technology already results from the arrangement of the furniture. However, you can equip your floor with an electric heating mat as underfloor heating. Built-in relaxation music via built-in speaker adds to the wellness feeling - the possibilities are more versatile than ever.

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