Ideas for the cozy conservatory

For everyone, a perfect winter garden looks different. Nobody should take that away, because the conservatory stands for comfort and relaxation. Nevertheless, a winter garden can simultaneously be chic and fashionable for its visitors.

Decor for coziness

Even if in the rest of the house it might be necessary to represent and maintain a more formal style, in the conservatory only the cosiness counts. This should be a retreat that really serves your own taste and cosiness.

Coziness is not to be confused in the conservatory with a stale decor or a decorative mish-mash. The oasis of tranquility should be tastefully decorated in a uniform decor. If, for example, a tropical impression is desired, wicker furniture goes well with large palm leaves and a sand-colored ceramic floor.

Style question is a matter of taste

The direction in which a conservatory is decorated should therefore be based on one's own taste. But then be completely pulled in this style. A Mediterranean styled winter garden should be continued in this concept and not suddenly get some state of the art black furniture.

Likewise, the selected shading must be taken into account in the interior. This should also fit harmoniously with the overall picture.

Color scheme for the conservatory

Like everything else, it's important for the conservatory's color scheme to stay that way. A tropical conservatory needs crisp reds and greens, which can be completed with rose, orange and yellow.

A Bavarian conservatory can be discreetly decorated with white furniture and blue flower pots. It is important to continue only the planned color scheme. There are still countless examples, but the meaning should be clear and optically quickly become very advantageous.

Conservatory - important points for the personal oasis

  • Complete design
  • Select and follow the color scheme
  • always let your own taste speak

Tips & Tricks

Of course, if you want to set a style in construction by laying certain tiles on the floor or using a lot of wood in the conservatory, that's perfectly fine. Keep in mind, however, that your taste may change over time. A rather neutral basic equipment is therefore easier to redecorate later.

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