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Ideas for different circumstance costumes: different

A costume for pregnant women, too Maternity Costume called, you need if the sexy costume of the previous year was a little too successful - or just as successful as it should be. But then the question arises: what will I wear this year?

Fortunately, this is no longer a problem today. We present some costumes that you can wear well when you are pregnant. In these costumes, even a somewhat voluminous belly will not disturb - or emphasized.

The days when moms-to-be are hiding their curves under flowing robes are over - and not just since celebrity moms like Heidi Klum proudly show their baby bellies.

The designers have also rethought and design now Maternity, which is not only comfortable, but also shows the curves of pregnant women. This trend has now also reached the carnival costumes industry.

Bee Costume

What is the better way to hide a stomach than under an inflated bee body? In addition, this eye-catcher looks just great - a real party eye candy.

It is easy and quick to pull over and thanks to its tear-resistant polyester material, it will withstand a little heavier swelling. And since pregnant women should not exert too much effort, the battery-powered blower helps to inflate the costume to full size.

more info

  • Complete set including matching headgear
  • Integrated, battery operated blower
  • Very light, durable special polyester
  • Universal size: suitable for all
  • Airtight lockable thanks to solid elastics
  • Power supply via battery compartment (requires four AA Mignon batteries)

Sumo wrestler costume

Ideas for different circumstance costumes: costumes

Sumo wrestlers in seconds - practical and funny

Should it be a little more muscular?, you can deliver a great show with the sumo wrestler. Step in, cover and seal - especially for pregnant women very practical and easy. So the costume is lightning fast and inflated thanks to the battery-powered blower in no time.

The freedom of movement is maintained in this muscle package, but the passage through crowded carnival pubs could be a bit difficult. Luckily that makes it tear-resistant polyester material that nothing breaks.

more info

  • Complete set including matching headgear
  • Integrated, battery operated blower
  • Very light and tear-resistant polyester material
  • Universal size: one suitable for all
  • Maximum freedom of movement and wearing comfort
  • Power supply via battery compartment

Cindy from Marzahn Costume

Many know her, most love her and Everyone remembers their looks: Cindy from Marzahn, the crazy comedy aunt from Berlin.

The slanted outfit is ideal for the upcoming carnival session - and especially when you're pregnant, the transformation takes place in Germany's most famous pink beating by itself.

material list

  • Fuzzy curly wig in blonde
  • Pink plastic blossom
  • Pink sweatshirt
  • Bordeaux colored pants
  • Trashy plastic handbag

Put on the clothes, put on the wig and place the pink plastic flower in it. Missing only Cindy's typical make-up. Pink eyelids to the eyebrows, a bright red mouth and plenty of rouge on the cheeks. Finished is the freaky costume for pregnant women.

Elven costume for indoor events

Ideas for different circumstance costumes: ideas

In the elf costume pregnant women emphasize their baby bump.

Another great idea is this elf costume. The advantage of this disguise is that the material is very light, does not push anywhere, and yet makes it clear that it is a party guest in other circumstances.

So, other party participants can take more consideration. In addition, it is very important that the costume does not press on the stomach or does not hinder or impair the lady in any other way.

Depending on where you're celebrating, the heat can play a big part in the costume. The elf costume is very light, which ensures a pleasant climate among the textiles at all times.

Only for the cold temperatures The Carnival days it is not designed. A thick winter jacket is therefore essential for the exit.

The elf wings You can easily make yourself from light pink cardboard and glued individually with rhinestones or dust.

For attachment, the wings are sewn to the dress, or provided with loops of elastic rubber hat, which can then simply be stretched around the arms and removed if necessary.

On Flower wreath in the hair emphasizes the naturalness and looks particularly feminine.

Make monster costume yourself

Ideas for different circumstance costumes: costume

If you are looking for a fancy costume that attracts attention at every carnival celebration, then this green monster is the right choice. The eye monster is impressive for carnival as well as for Halloween and is crafted with our papier mâché instructions.

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