Ideas for individual wallpapering

After a long abstinence with the young generation, the wallpaper has made its way back to the middle of society once again. First, it is the modern manufacturing techniques that make papering much easier. But also in the design, form and color language much has changed in the wallpaper. Here are some ideas for wallpapering.

Wallpaper ideas - allowed is what pleases

Especially colors, patterns and designs are subject to trends. Who can not imagine, the flowered wallpaper from grandma's kitchen or grandpa's living room? But really good? No way! The current retro wave of wallpapers leaves out virtually no trend of the past. Typical 70s patterned wallpaper, floral wallpaper, which only lacks the 1950s kidney table, or the powerful and pompous atmosphere of Baroque times - all are currently experiencing a renaissance.

The combination of wallpapering makes it

Even more than literally, because of course the Renaissance accents are not missing. The really surprising thing about it: none of these wallpapers seems cliché cheesy - no. In the right combination modern wallpapers are inviting, cozy, warm - simply radiating atmosphere. Similar to colors, there are no limits.

Set accents and combine different wallpapers

The modern ambiance lives above all from the fact that not all four room walls are stubbornly papered in the same wallpaper. Rather, you can set wonderful accents. For example, a baroque wallpaper with elegantly curved Floralmuster shock to impact with a plain wallpaper in deep silk red or velvety green.

Choose your dream wallpaper in peace and with plenty of time

So the most important thing is by far that you should take your time. Try to get as many wallpaper combinations, wallpaper patterns and colors as possible. Take a few months for this and look not only on German websites for wallpaper patterns that you want to wallpaper as a brand new idea.

Convince yourself of your idea before wallpapering

If you have actually put some wallpapers on the shortlist and can not decide, order single sheets of different wallpapers. Apply the wallpaper loosely to the walls provided with adhesive tape and then let the wallpaper intensively affect you before wallpapering. Not only new ideas and wallpaper patterns and colors will come to your mind. But also new ideas for combinations of different wallpapers.

The outstanding properties of non-woven wallpapers

Preferably, you should pay attention to non-woven wallpaper. Because non-woven wallpapers are available in different versions with numerous properties.

  • washable
  • to remove quickly
  • with structural patterns
  • spreadable
  • in countless color and pattern combinations

The fact that non-woven wallpapers are so easy to remove, is already a new trend: the regular change of wallpaper. In the past, wallpapers had to stay on the wall for as long as possible, but today they are being wallpapered again if the sense of variety and novelty is there. Because the ideas for wallpapering there are no limits.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that all wallpapers are non-woven wallpapers. They are easiest to decorate with decorum and subtract just as quickly. But you should "prime" the wall in advance with conventional wallpaper paste.

Of course, the house journal offers many more articles for wallpapering. For example, to the glass fiber wallpaper paint.

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