Ideas for living room design with europallets

Euro pallets are an amazingly versatile product. In addition to its actual task in the logistics area, its stable construction for substructures of all kinds in the living area is perfect. While less well-preserved or polluted specimens can be easily disguised, the painting and the open presentation have their appeal.

Ideal and flexible substructure

The most classic use of a Euro pallet is a base for seating, as a bed base or for mounting a pedestal. When the europallets are dry, they can be laid out safely in one, two or three levels.

As a bed base, the Euro pallet has a decisive advantage over continuous and full-surface substructures. The slots between the individual cover boards allow air circulation. This feature helps with the permanent ventilation of textile coverings such as mattresses or seat cushions.

Damaged yes, damp no

The prerequisite for use in living rooms is the complete dryness of all wooden parts of the Euro pallet. Mouldering boards or wooden blocks must either be removed, replaced or treated. All mechanical damage such as individual chips or nail lifts are relatively easy to fix.

Practical standard measurements

The standardized dimensions of each Euro pallet are suitable for seat and lying bases without adjustment need. With a length of 1.20 meters and a width of eighty centimeters, it forms a perfect seat depth for the seating unit. In the case of a Euro pallet oriented transversely to the seating direction, the seat depth corresponds to the width minus the back cushion.

The dimensions of the Euro pallets for the bed base prove to be similarly practical. The standard size for single mattresses is two meters long and ninety centimeters wide. Two europallets form a mattress substructure along the length of the mattress, on which the mattress protrudes five centimeters on both sides, which is negligible. The overhang of forty centimeters at the head or foot of the mattress can be integrated as a bedside table.

The standardized height of a Euro pallet is 14.4 centimeters. Again, this size fits well for most uses. As a bed base, two stacked pallet layers reach a similar height as conventional bed frames. With three layers and around 42 centimeters, plus the seat cushion, a height is created that most sofas and armchairs have.

Optical presentation and work-up

Depending on the desired effort and personal will to design the europallets can easily dress in different ways:

  • Loosely hanging with fabrics or towels
  • Packed or glued on fabric panels
  • Nailed wooden boards

Another type is the open use of Euro pallets. Decorative they can be used to coffee tables or other utility tables. By the example of a glass plate well-preserved copies can be interesting dining or work tables.

Grinding and brushing of Euro pallets is possible. The only difficulty when sanding are the 78 nails with which the pallet is nailed.

Tips & Tricks

With well-preserved euro pallets is often worth the disassembly or partial decomposition. In this way, you can create extraordinary shelves or use the single boards for other constructions.

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