Ideas for staircase design in a family house

The staircase is not only purely spatial in the center of the family house, it is also a very exposed place that guests can already see when entering the house. That is why most homeowners want a stylishly designed staircase that can really be seen. We've come up with a lot of nice ideas to help you find your own interior design style.

Detached house: Staircase design with color

An important point in staircase design is the color. Here you should first think about the ambience you want to create: Do you prefer warm colors in your staircase for a lot of comfort - or do you like the cool freshness of bright colors?

  • Use restrained shades with reserve.
  • Use a uniform, bright tone.
  • Limit the color palette so it does not get too colorful.
  • Combine few, harmonizing colors.

Which style should it be?

The question of the color to be used for the stairwell is closely linked with the question of style. For example, a lot of white-blue creates a maritime atmosphere, which should also be reflected in the further decoration.

Heavy, dark wood, on the other hand, can be wonderfully combined with colorful textiles, which - depending on the colonial style - may carry exotic motifs. Even the shabby-chic style makes its way into the stairwell:

Chic vintage deco fits the beautiful, old wooden staircase, artificial signs of use increase the nostalgic effect. Those who prefer a simpler style follow the modern minimalist style and rely on elegant surfaces and discreet structures.

The most beautiful ideas for staircase design

Especially in your own family home, it makes sense to get creative. How about coloring the vertical step surfaces of the stairs? Calligraphic lettering, nostalgic ornaments and modern patterns lend themselves to this.

The vertical surfaces can even be papered, creating a completely new interesting look. You may also want to use wall decals that stick to both the wall and the stairs.

Soft, harmonious light and strong light accents characterize the spatial image in a positive way. Try out your staircase with new lighting!

Tips & Tricks

If you are papering the vertical surfaces of your steps, cover the dried wallpaper with a protective coat called «elephant skin» for longer.

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