Ideas to beautify and decorate a wooden staircase

To beautify a wooden staircase, three sections can be decorated. The steps themselves, the railing and the stairwell complement each other to create an attractive overall picture. Individual, sometimes insignificant details can turn a functional construction into an interior design piece of jewelery.


Around a wooden staircase, many ideas can be implemented to beautify the ascent and descent. Apart from the complete varnishing or brushing, an interesting stair decoration can be created from the transformation of the risers only.

The color offset can consist of different colors and create a visually inviting "colorful" rising. Since there is no abrasion on risers, they can serve as surfaces for representational motifs. Possible design materials are:

  • leftover wallpaper
  • Decals / stickers
  • Natural mats made from sisal, bamboo and raffia
  • Wall tattoos with slogans like "Stairway to heaven"
  • Abstract drawings
  • Blackboard for changing chalk markings


For treads decorating is limited because each jewelry must be resistant to abrasion and non-slip. In general, treads can be embellished by refurbishing the wood surfaces. Special oils enhance the contrasts of the grains and textures depending on the pre-processing and the type of wood. If the wood is worn, the character of the wood can be re-emphasized by pickling and a new sanding step.

The alternative is a staircase covering. From large-scale disguising of the entire treads to a partial stair tread the creative possibilities. In particular, semicircular and crescent-shaped carpets are used for decoration and slip resistance. Also conceivable are bast or sisal mats, which, however, must be fixed because of the risk of slipping. This can be done using special metal leveling posts, as known from antique staircases in castles and palaces.


The lighting has a decisive influence on the visual appearance of a wooden staircase. In most cases, wall lights are mounted on the side walls of the staircase. In addition to a uniform illumination and alignable spots are an interesting alternative. Attention must be paid to glare-freeness for the staircase users of all body lengths.

Very creative designs and effects can be achieved with a staircase lighting. For this purpose, individual light sources, such as light-emitting diodes, can be mounted under the steps, which are each individual step
illuminate. With great effort, cutouts can be cut into the risers behind which light sources are mounted.


Railing and handrails can decisively influence the character of a stairway. Materials such as steel, glass and rope can be combined well with wood. The design of a handrail can be designed on a railing connected to the wooden staircase or attached to the wall. In addition countless decorations of a stair railing are conceivable. Creepers in hanging pots, garlands of all kinds or two-sided picture frames beautify the stairs altogether.

Tips & Tricks

When decorating, beautifying and decorating always pay attention to the continued safe use of the stairs with regard to slip resistance, free travel and continuous use of the handrail.

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