If there is no power at the freezer, act quickly

A short-term power failure can bypass many freezers and keep their temperature. The problem is longer power outages that start the defrost process. Not all thawed foods can be frozen again. Expensive supplies end up in the household garbage.

Malfunction of the device

On the freezer itself, there may be an interruption of the power supply due to technical disturbances of the electronic components. If your freezer is equipped with a warning function, the unit will give an alarm signal as soon as the problem occurs for the first time. Call customer service immediately and, if necessary, store the frozen food in another refrigerator. The freezer user manual also contains information on how long the frozen food remains frozen and maintains its quality despite the power failure.

Tips for thawed foods

  • Fruit to jam or compote process
  • Boil vegetables in soups and sauces
  • Freeze bread and biscuits again if quality is impaired
  • Prepare prepared meals immediately and cook for a long time
  • Dispose of ice cream
  • Dispose of fish
  • Dispose of meat

Five hours

Modern freezers are characterized by good insulation and keep even in case of power failure for several hours the cold. In general, five hours without electricity are considered unproblematic. If you do not know how long the power failure is, check the temperature in the freezer with a thermometer. If the temperature has not risen above three plus degrees, the all-clear applies. At this time, the frozen food can still be saved.

Since not all foods thaw at the same speed, do the finger pressure test on the packaging. If some packs are softened and give in to the pressure of the finger, the thawing process is already well advanced here.

Fuse in the house cracked or broken

If the general power supply in your home is interrupted by a faulty fuse, you will notice the power failure only when you are present. You can easily fix the problem yourself by reactivating or replacing the fuse. Risky is such a power failure, for example, if you are on vacation during this time.

Tips & Tricks

If the food thawed by a prolonged power outage, only the disposal remains. Germs and bacteria quickly form. In addition, an unpleasant odor spreads. The freezer must be completely emptied and thoroughly cleaned.

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