When the garden party falls into the water - tips for rainy parties

The preparations for the garden party are completed, the program is up, the construction too. But then a look up to heaven will burst the dream of the perfect celebration. What to do if the weather frog fails completely and rain showers threaten to water down the garden party? Here's how you can get your sheep dry at a rainy party.

Cancellation is uncool

When the garden party falls into the water - tips for rainy parties: falls

The garden party falls into the water - or not?

The first option in such a case is to cancel the planned celebration due to inclement weather. This is especially easy if you already notice on the invitation that the party only takes place in good weather. But - let's face it - this is the most convenient method, but certainly the most boring. In addition, you have done all the work with the preparations for the festival in vain. An invitation with a breakout for bad weather is already better, but in the worst case it rains on both days and you are as smart as before. The most comfortable is an alternative location. Let the garden party rise in the hobby cellar, the garage or as a living room picnic in inappropriate weather. Imaginatively also quips on the party in the house quickly quenches the bear. Bring the summer feeling into the room, when it is too uncomfortable outside. A table, clad in a beach mat and stylishly lit, turns into a beach bar in a flash, while accessories such as bath towels, rubber animals and umbrellas add holiday mood as decorative details. Now just unpack the table grill and mix a few cool cocktails, then the indoor garden party is soon in full swing.

Suitable rain protection raises the party mood

When the garden party falls into the water - tips for rainy parties: tips

If the weather does not want to play again: The pavilion as a suitable rain cover

The radical plan B for a rainy garden party falls under the motto: close your eyes! Let the party go outside, no matter what the weather. With a little extra preparation, you can easily beat the bad weather. The place where the celebration takes place should, at best, have a suitable room or at least a hut so that you have the possibility of sheltering. If this is not possible, get one or more party tents depending on the number of guests. These can be rented at a special tent rental or at some hardware stores. When renting a tent, you will also get a suitable tent floor on request. This gives you and the rest of the party a dry and sheltered spot, whether it's raining or snowing outside. For some party tents even special tent heaters are available. If the ice has gotten you cold and you can not get a tent anymore, the covered terrace, carport or barn is quickly transformed into a new party location. With a bit of skill you can even create a dry shelter in the garden with tarps and rain covers.

Hot tips against the cold weather

When the garden party falls into the water - tips for rainy parties: garden

The ideal dish for inside

In addition to rain protection, the cosiness plays a major role as a mood maker. Provide sufficient blankets for your guests. Warmly cuddled up, sitting together is much more fun. Serve then in addition to the usual party drinks hot tea, punch or grog, the mood rises guaranteed faster than the barometer. Also with the dishes you can offer alternatives to the classic barbecue. If the weather is too bad for barbecues or bonfires, bring things like homemade chili, a hearty goulash, or a tasty stew to the table instead. This also warms from the inside and makes a good mood. Because eating together in large groups is always a hit. Even the good old fondue or a raclette are a fun activity for the social gathering. Anyone who prefers the grill despite everything can, for example, look for a suitable place under a canopy or a large umbrella. It is only important that the charcoal grill, the smoke can pull off unhindered, otherwise it quickly becomes uncomfortable. There must also be sufficient space upwards and a fireproof environment, otherwise there is a risk of fire.

With colorful theme party against gray rain clouds

Taking the weather as it comes is easier than it sounds. Instead of complaining about the weather caprices, make her the star of the day. Explain the rain explicitly to the motto of the celebration and ask your guests to appear in rain gear and rubber boots. Collect colorful umbrellas and distribute them among the guests. Even as a funny eye-catcher on trees and shrubs draped they perform well. Of course, music and decoration should not be missing in a rainy event. With weatherproof tablecloths, fairy lights and lanterns you can dive into the garden in no time in a colorful sea of ​​lights. However, remember to protect the power lines and plugs against moisture, so that your rain party does not end up as 'hiding in the dark'. Cool summer songs are reminiscent of the sun, the beach and the sea and make the hearts of festival visitors beat faster. Maybe you even have songs on the subject of rain at hand? Rudi Carrell's hit song "When's Summer Time Again" hits the bullseye and is guaranteed to be good for some laughs at a rainfest. Movement also makes you warm and alert. In a wild Polonaise through the wet garden, you can really show the weather the cold shoulder. Or arrange a rain dance competition with a karaoke show. These and similar party games are true mood cannons and let one forget the grubby weather in no time.

Bad weather does not necessarily have to be a mood killer. In some circumstances, keeping guests close together may even help to get the conversation started. The unique ambience and unusual surroundings do the rest to add an adventurous touch to the garden party. After all, the people and not the weather make sure that a really good mood comes up.

Author: Freelance journalist Edith Obermaier has been organizing parties, weddings and similar events for many years. Today she works among other things for the resorts party service Berlin, partyservice Hamburg and party service Munich with dastelefonbuch.de.

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