When the shutter is stuck

The older a roller shutter gets, the more often it also leads to minor defects and damage. One of the classics is the jamming shutters. If the blinds hook, but you do not immediately need a specialist. If the roller shutter locks, you can also repair it yourself. In the following guide we will show you how to repair the roller blind and make it workable again.

Causes if shutters are jammed

Hang the shutter, that's annoying. Above all, the blind is then usually half open or closed and thus a real disturbance in everyday life. However, this terminal can have several causes. So first you have to find the source of the error:

  • Roller shutter shaft in the roller shutter box jams
  • the slats of the roller shutter clamp in the guide rails
  • the inside roller blind hooks
  • the roller shutter belt is not wound up (at the reel-up)

So you must first find the cause of the jammed shutter. Then you can start the repair.

Roller shutter shaft in the roller shutter box jams

This is rarely the case, but happens. For this you first have to open the access door. Eventually the bearings of the roller shutter shaft are locked. With a relaxed shutter you can check this by trying to turn the shaft manually, ie by hand. If the bearings are actually jamming, they must be replaced.

But it can also be that the individual slats have shifted. These are best checked when the roller blind is completely open. You can simply push the individual slats back and forth with a small hammer. Be careful not to damage any of the blades made of plastic or aluminum.

The slats of the roller shutter clamp in the guide rail

The same problem is usually the reason when the slats hook in the guide rail. You can knock the individual slats back into the correct position via the open roller shutter box. In a few cases, however, one of the guide rails may have loosened or warped. Also check this. Reinsert the rails or warped rails must either be bent or replaced.

The roller shutter belt is not wound up

In the reel (the small box inside at the bottom or in the wall) is a spring that tensions the reel when lowering the shutter. If this spring breaks or is worn out, the webbing can no longer be rolled up automatically. To do this, you must disassemble and check the rewinder. Either the reel must be replaced or just re-tensioned. Manually roll up the role.

The inside roller blind hooks

There may be various causes for roller blinds or blinds (also external blinds) attached to the interior. Mostly the guide on the blind box is bent or dirty. But also the turning bars and cords or endless chains for opening and closing can be tangled. See "Repairing Blinds" for detailed help.

Tips & Tricks

For all damages, if the roller shutter or the roller shutter belt hangs, we offer appropriate instructions. To repair roller shutters, we also provide instructions and advice as well as the associated roller shutter repair costs.

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