If a wooden stair squeaks, different methods can help

That a wooden stair squeals, is not completely suppress. Wood is a living material that can change its volume and shape through room humidity and temperature differences. In order to prevent squeaking, a circling of the noise field and the principle of "trial and error" are most promising.

Old and new wooden stairs

If an old wooden staircase creaks and creaks, the cause may be due to the entire wooden staircase construction. As a tearing open the stairs in the rarest cases is an option, can be created in this case only partially remedial. Having access to the back of the stairs increases the choice of ways to influence the cause.

For wooden stairs of recent design is usually a design flaw before, which can be solved more or less expensive. The individual staircases are often not flush closed and allow the steps to move. Another common reason is an imperfect insulation of the stairs between the individual components such as rubber anchors between the spar or cheek and the steps.

Possible helper methods

In order to influence the squeaking of a staircase, different methods are used, some of which have a practical technical basis and traditional home remedies that can help, but do not have to:

  • Home remedy curd soap
    Lubricate the squeaky spots with a moistened core soap block. Let the core soap applied for three days and remove the remains due to the risk of slipping.
  • Home remedies moistening
    Moisten the entire wooden staircase with a water spray bottle and dry the stairs with optional draft, warm and cold fans.
  • Screw or nail
    Screw or nail down squeaky steps on the sides. Lower the screw or nail heads into the wooden surfaces of the steps.
  • Fill joints and cracks
    Locate cracks and joints and fill with talcum, teflon spray, silicone or flow rubber.
  • Wedge
    If you come to the back of the stairs, you can insert wedges made of wood or rubber in vertical and horizontal joints and fix.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to buy a wooden staircase that squeaks as low as possible, choose a solid heartwood product. This wood "works" the least and should include all components.

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