Build igloos and ice sculptures

Build an igloo, snowman and ice sculptures

Free building instructions for snow figures

Build igloos and ice sculptures: snowman

You really do not need much to build a snowman. However, the design options are a bit snowy, a carrot for the nose, a pair of buttons for eyes and mouth and a broom enormous.

We have collected various crafting instructions, with which you can build the perfect Schneeman yourself. In addition, we have compiled construction manuals with which the perfect igloo can be built. For this, however, very much and above all compact snow is required.

Finally, you can also find various building instructions for ice sculptures.

Contents: Build igloo, snowman and ice sculptures

  • Building a snowman - instructions for snowmen
  • Build igloos
  • Build ice sculptures

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Building a snowman - instructions for snowmen

Christmas figures as edge stool

Construction manual with sketches for building Christmas edge stools: Santa Claus, angel and snowman. Free cutting pattern as a jigsaw template. The edge stools offer space for small gifts or sweets.

BB-8 snowman

Instructions for a snowman in the form of the droid BB-8 from Star Wars "The awakening of power".
at Instructables

Building a snow monster

funny and scary snowmen
at weburbanist

Guide snowman

build by yourself. Fun for the family
at weltoase

Build snowman properly

A guide on how to build the right snowman
at instructables

How do I build a snowman [PDF]

So learn a few tricks on how your snowman will work.
at dyslexia server

Build igloos

Construction manual for igloo

With a few steps to your own igloo
at alpinisten

Igloo building techniques

Various possibilities in the construction of an igloo
at wikipedia

Iglu build with children

Child-friendly instructions for building a snow igloo. Illustrated instructions and explanatory video.
with children Outdoor

Build Quigloo

Mix between Quinzhee and Igloo. Shelter built of mounds of snow and snow.


Short instructions with sketches for building an igloo
at Exped


A step by step tutorial own Quinzhee
at iglubauen


Here you will find the ideal locations to build your igloo
at iglubauen

Planning Igloo building

In eight steps to your own igloo A detailed guide
at iglubauen

Build an igloo yourself

An accurate step by step simple guide
at outdoor-tips

Build Iglo

Tips and tricks to keep the igloo right
at walter-steiberg

Igloo with Icebox

if the weather conditions are not optimal for an igloo

Igloo made of snow

just build yourself
at webianer

Build ice sculptures

snow sculpture

build by yourself. Some tips
at arte.carpino

Building a snow monster

funny and scary snowmen
at weburbanist

ice sculptures

make yourself. A guide on how to make a candle
at atelierodermatt

Freeze items

How to make ice sculptures out of different things
at atelierodermatt

Make ice figures yourself

Important information is available

Sketch ice sculptures

Here are some templates to make the characters themselves
by eisskulptur

Ice lantern

make your own. A step by step guide
at expli

Build ice-cream

The hit at the next winter party A guide
at instructables

Make ice lantern yourself

A guide with pictures
with soisses

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