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Images shelf: wall

Anyone can hang pictures on the wall! Anyone who wants to present his self-made works of art or family photos purchased in the art trade or at the flea market attractively places them on a shelf today. Thus, pictures quickly become a full-fledged piece of furniture.

You can easily build your own shelf like this: It's quick and does not cost much - but the result really makes an impression on a bare wall, worthy of any art gallery!

material list

  • Dremel® 300 Series
  • Dremel upper frame 231, groove mill 650
  • Unprocessed wooden shelf set from a hardware store
  • A tin with a matt color

Construction instructions in individual steps

Step 1

Images shelf: your

Set the Grooving cutter in your Dremel 300 and bring this on Router Table on. The upper bezel transforms your Dremel 300 into a table tool that allows you to make absolutely precise cuts in well-secured pieces of wood. In this way, you can mill a groove in the back of your rack, so that your image has a firm hold and does not slide forward.

step 2

Images shelf: your

Turn the wooden plate over, draw the line and set the Dremel roof framing to the correct depth. Then make a groove along the wooden plate.

step 3

Images shelf: shelf

Paint the shelf and let it dry.

Step 4

Unscrew the Brackets and then the shelf to the wall, Check the horizontal alignment with a spirit level.

Courtesy of Dremel®

You will also find these instructions in the creative Ideabook of Dremel®: The creative Ideabook contains 50 original ideas for DIY projects with different levels of difficulty as well as countless possibilities for your own projects with the versatile tool systems from Dremel.

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