Imm 2013 - at the furniture fair in Cologne

Imm 2013 - at the furniture fair in Cologne: 2013 visits the furniture fair! 15 halls, 1,157 exhibitors: The "imm Cologne" may again this year without exaggeration referred to as the navel of the furnishing world. Over 200 hectares of living concepts, plus a one and a half-halls special kitchen exhibition called "Living Kitchen" - there was much to see for home improvement interested in interior design.

This year's trends can be summed up relatively quickly: the deciding factor is still a certain retro trend combined with a clear tendency towards simplicity. Simple shapes, clear edges, flat surfaces. A lot of white, a lot of gray, many earth colors and natural materials. Anyone who strolled through this year's furniture fair experienced few real surprises - these were all the more intense.

The 60s-70s trend continues

Imm 2013 - at the furniture fair in Cologne: furniture

So sat the 60s

Anyone who loves old films met many acquaintances in Halls 11 and 3: the living concepts and furnishing philosophies presented there evoked memories of James Bond sets from the 60s. Especially in lounge and living room concepts, timelessly comfortable and stylish seating furniture such as the adjoining armchair with matching stool appeared again and again.

Bauhaus furniture was next to pieces of the last decade to a considerable renaissance Panton designs. Above all, a contrasting play of shapes was to be observed: not infrequently, round furniture with flowing, organic edges were shown in a comparatively cold and structured environment with clear lines.

Imm 2013 - at the furniture fair in Cologne: 2013

Simple, natural and noble

In the foreground were, with a few notable exceptions, simplicity, elegance and naturalness. Earth-colored and natural or nature-identical surfaces brought relaxation into the presentations.

The dim lighting, the fluffy carpets laid down in almost all the large exhibition stands and the restriction to the most necessary decoration created a dignified and noble atmosphere.

Reduced and minimal: impulses from the Far East and Berlin

Imm 2013 - at the furniture fair in Cologne: cologne

Less wardrobe is not possible, that's all there is to it: the adjoining piece by an Asian furniture designer gives the best impression of the simplicity of contemporary furniture design. Reduced to the bare essentials, this piece of furniture offers full functionality despite the minimal design resources - a concept that naturally also has a certain appeal for DIY enthusiasts.

Outstanding was in this as well as in other cases, the carpentry work: on the wardrobe shown was not a glue joint to find - sign of extremely complex and careful work. The simplicity is not necessarily easy to implement itself, was in this example more than clear.

Imm 2013 - at the furniture fair in Cologne:

Dutch modular principle

However, simplicity can also be creatively implemented: The modular principle of a Dutch design studio offers the opportunity for creative self-development in the context of strictly geometrical forms. The elements shown can be combined absolutely freely and partly also functionally adapted.

The principle of an individualizable environment, as it is also found on smartphones or tablets, was thus transferred to the furnishings: The individual furniture segments can be rearranged according to need, taste and functionality and redesigned with little effort. In spite of the simplicity of the form, this concept is therefore an idea with depth and for home improvement alone because of the "self-maker factor" worth considering.

Who likes it crass: Colorful blobs in a reserved ambience

Imm 2013 - at the furniture fair in Cologne:

color explosion

After all the booths, decorated in restrained colors, some color did well. But it was also richly served in this segment.

The room on the right turned out to be a retrospective of a Dutch accessory and small furniture manufacturer; the use of tranquilizers seems urgently advised for residents of this room. The psychedelic elements, the extreme colors and contrasts of this concept, however, also found themselves, only much more restrained, in other presentations again.

Here, too, there is a clear retro trend, so to speak "back to the lava lamp".

Imm 2013 - at the furniture fair in Cologne: furniture

Equally imaginative and colorful, but designed in a completely different direction, presented a very large stand at the entrance to Hall 11 on the ground floor with a complete, fairytale-like living philosophy.

Reminiscent of an underwater world large design piece with the huge, almost five-meter-high four-poster bed was completely submerged in blue and green light and caused quite a stir. Playful and flourishing elements, which could easily be used as props in a fantasy or fairytale film, alternated with armchairs and tables, which could also come from another world in terms of color and form. (left, unfortunately very small next to the bed in the picture)

A greeting from the kitchen

Imm 2013 - at the furniture fair in Cologne: furniture

All weather: Nine stoves!

In addition to the imm Cologne, the kitchen fair "Living Kitchen" had opened its doors in addition and, so to speak, in the package included. Inconspicuously integrated into the rest of the trade fair business, global innovations in kitchen design and kitchen technology were shown here. In the foreground stood, for the handyman rather of secondary interest, above all the kitchen equipment. The variety shown would have required the stand of a single manufacturer of a knowledgeable guide - to distinguish nine visually identical ovens in detail exceeded the competence of the author unfortunately.

Imm 2013 - at the furniture fair in Cologne: fair

Smooth and unfussy even in the kitchen area

The next year's kitchen trends are only marginally different from those of the past decade: Everything is very smooth and very edgy, much like the interior design. The inventor of the Cubist faucet, which allows the water to flow into the equally angular sink with the help of a trough which tends to become ever larger, was honored in almost every modern kitchen concept.

In view of the many similar concepts, the viewer was rather bored, the high-tech equipment and especially the present cooks (spotted: WDR-taster Björn Freitag) attracted much more attention.

Ideas and design pieces

Imm 2013 - at the furniture fair in Cologne: cologne

M. C. Escher's wardrobe?

The future took place in Hall 3.1: Under the title "D3 Design Talents" "winning products by young designers and young professionals" were shown. Again, there was one principle above all: Simple and minimal. However, this was implemented extremely varied and creative, many works had little useful, but an even greater creative value.

Such as this wardrobe: A completely simple concept, cleanly welded together pipes form an open, cuboidal construction bolted to the wall. The special effect comes about only through the lighting: At this wardrobe you do not know what mere shadow and what is actually metal. An idea with depth - and artistic reference.

Imm 2013 - at the furniture fair in Cologne: cologne


For lovers and frequent users of the construction foam, the following stools are recommended, in the multi-legged version also available as a bench. The creative use of the cut polyurethane foam has received not only a price, but also a lot of attention.

As was to be heard in a conversation of the designer with a press representative, the construction in its simplicity and by the use of the gray felt material should be, among other things, a tribute to Joseph Beuys - luckily, there was no sign of a fat corner!

The International Furniture Fair Cologne 2013 - Conclusion of a trade fair visit

On the surface of a middle-sized town, the most diverse ideas, concepts and trends of the international furniture industry were presented again this year. The sheer size of the event makes it advisable to distribute a visit over several days. Of course, this can be combined with a visit to the world-famous cathedral city. The exhibits and concepts shown enable a journey through the world of interior design: the stylistically confident past, the clearly defined present and the possible, filigree and simple future can all be experienced internationally in one day at one location.

For DIY enthusiasts with ambitions in furniture making, hobby carpenters and interior designers, the furniture fair is an absolute must. The suggestions and ideas from all over the world can enrich your own projects and your own home with many interesting ideas and aspects. The future of interior design, as much can be said in 2013, is simple, light and flooded with light - similar encouraging forecasts are currently rather rare.

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