Impact wrench comparison 2018

Purchase advice on impact wrench comparison or test 2018

    • Impact wrenches allow loosening and tightening of nuts. This makes them an indispensable power tool, especially when changing car tires. You can also quickly and easily drive screws into different materials.
    • The secret lies in the blow: More force is exerted on the bolt or nut than on a conventional screwdriver (eg hand-held screwdriver or cordless screwdriver) without damaging the component.
    • Three types of impact wrenches are available: pneumatic impact wrench, cordless impact wrench and mains operated impact wrench. We tell you for which area of ​​application they are suitable.

Impact wrench comparison 2018: impact

He belongs in every car workshop and also many home improvement garages: The impact wrench. Often he is used to the Tighten nuts of car tires and to solve what happens twice a year. This can save workshop fees - over the years that makes a lot. And it works much faster and is more comfortable than doing the job manually with a torque wrench.

The screwdriver also fulfills an important purpose in construction and steel constructions: nuts can be tightened with it without the craftsman having to spend time on a torque wrench. As with the tire mothers a corresponding socket is placed on the front of the square profile of the impact wrench. This inverts exactly over the mother. The impact wrench not only turns extremely hard in the desired direction (all devices have left and right rotation), but also exerts pressure with powerful blows, without damaging the objects.

Impact wrench comparison 2018: 2018

Spax screws can be turned into the wood particularly quickly with the impact wrench.

And also for a third function this special tool is available: To Screwing in wood screws, Especially popular are Spax screws for wood - Spax is a brand name and stands for chipboard screws with cross recess. These screws are characterized by a wavy thread at the top, which penetrates better in wood. With the right impact wrench so many screws can be screwed in within a short time.

1. Three impact wrenches for Cinderella

Impact wrenches (whether test winner or cheap brand) can be divided into three categories. Our purchase advice goes in all three ways. In the table you will find the best impact wrenches of each type.

Pneumatic impact wrenchesElectric impact wrenchCordless Impact Wrench

Impact wrench comparison 2018: impact

Impact wrench comparison 2018: wrench

Impact wrench comparison 2018: 2018

Have impact wrench with compressed air a lot of power, Good models come to over 1,000 Nm. They also cause no flying sparks, This is important in garages where flammable and explosive materials are used. He is occasionally called a pneumatic screwdriver.

However, to operate (as with other pneumatic tools too) a Compressor necessary, Its acquisition is not always worthwhile for private individuals.

Likewise strong enough for a tire change is the electric impact wrench. This type of impact wrench is the Powered by a power cord.

If you are looking for a cheap impact wrench, you will find it here. The electric impact wrench costs less as comparably strong cordless and compressed air tools. This makes him a kind of all-rounder for home improvement purposes.

Especially handy is the cordless impact wrench. No annoying power cable hinders at work, also are the devices comparatively easy, In addition, it can be used far away from any power outlet when assembling a garden shed or the like.

The disadvantage is his low power, For the tire change an impact wrench with battery is usually unsuitable. However, it is recommended for screwing screws into wood or tightening nuts.

In the table at the beginning of the guide you will find impact wrenches of all three categories.

2. Basic technical data - explained briefly


Impact wrench comparison 2018: impact

In particular, pneumatic impact wrenches achieve a very high torque due to the construction. Pictured: An impact wrench from Hazet.

Surely the most important thing to watch out for when buying an impact wrench is torque. It indicates how much power the engine has.

Pneumatic impact wrenches (by Hazet & Co.) usually achieve the highest values. Cordless screwdrivers are the weakest, 230V impact wrench with electric drive and supply via a power cord are somewhere in between. Exceptions also confirm the rule here, but are often very expensive.

However, this is not an exclusion criterion for a purchase: Depending on the field of application, so much power is not needed at all, If you only want to screw a few screws into the wood or tinker with your bike, you will need a weaker Bosch impact wrench with battery or a similar device.

Small rule of thumb: For a tire change, we recommend a device with about 400 Nm, If the screwdriver is weaker, it may not solve the tightened nuts. This is also dependent on the design of the car and the tires: In a small car you can get by with less force.

With some impact wrenches this is Torque adjustable, This function increases the flexibility in the work: Some screws should not be tightened too tight. If you are still not sure if this will be the case, an impact wrench with torque is recommended.

Idle speed

This information tells you how fast the engine is turning. Values ​​around 2,000 to 2,500 revolutions per minute (RPM) are common. With high-quality pneumatic impact wrenches, the value can easily increase to three to four times that. High speeds are needed, for example, to screw in a Spax screw.

Impact wrench comparison 2018: wrench

3. What else is to be considered

Not only the power of the engine, but also the trappings counts. In the impact wrench comparison 2018, you will learn about sockets and other accessories.

Matching tool holder

Impact wrench comparison 2018: 2018

A small socket set, suitable for a 3/8 inch square socket. The working side of the nut is a twelve-edged profile.

Two Standard sizes for the drive side of the sockets are common: 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch. The latter are particularly found in cordless impact wrenches and among these in the slightly weaker models. With both profiles, you will master all the tasks of home improvement everyday life well. Get the appropriate socket set and get started.

Outside of the do-it-yourselfer sector, 3/8 inch and larger (3/4 inch and 1 inch) larger (3/8 inch) and larger (3/4 inch) and larger (3-inch) drills are commonly used with pneumatic impact wrenches.

The opposite side of the socket is called Arbeitsseite, It is placed on the mother to be processed. In addition to square and hexagonal profiles, twelve-corner profiles are also used here. No matter which profile you are looking for, matching nuts for the impact wrench will always be found. Maybe you also have some of your torque wrench set over.

The impact wrench is not suitable for drilling, The device lacks a chuck, which could accommodate a corresponding drill. If necessary, grab a drill. Incidentally, impact drills strike forward (into the masonry) and not against the sides of the nuts.

tool box

Impact wrench comparison 2018: comparison

Often cases of a manufacturer are stackable. Here is the typical "Makpac" for an impact wrench from Makita.

Of course, the impact wrench after use should not be stuffed into the next best box, but neatly stowed. Otherwise, the search for nuts, chargers, adapters, etc. starts at the next tire change in spring or autumn.

A compact tool case makes it easy to store your power tool and ensures it does not catch dust or - in the worst case - rust.


Stiftung Warentest advises

Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out an impact wrench test, but points out: If there is a defect after the tire change that leads to an accident, the customer must laboriously prove the fault of the car workshop.

Also, the weight of the impact wrench is not to be underestimated. After several dozen screws in the wood, the arm becomes quite long. Do-it-yourselfers who would not call themselves a sports cannon, we suggest the purchase of a lightweight device of 2 kg or less.

However, no machine type per se is characterized as a special lightweight. Regardless of whether air impact wrenches, cordless screwdrivers or electric impact wrenches, heavy and light models can be found in every category.

Impact wrench comparison 2018: impact

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