Effects of Climate Change - Protection against Floods

Effects of Climate Change - Protection against Floods: change

Researchers warn against him, politicians make him again and again to the campaign theme and everyone has to fight with its consequences. That's what he means climate Change, Major environmental disasters such as tsunamis show the dangers of change. But we Germans think this danger more abroad and complain at most about the unusually high temperatures in the summer or the harsh winter of recent years.

In addition to the temperatures, it is also the precipitation, which shows the effects of climate change in Germany. Although there have always been floods, they are getting heavier year by year, so that the rivers continue to overflow and the catchment area of ​​the floodwaters takes on larger dimensions.

The much-vaunted stop by greenhouse gas emissions is an important goal in the long term, but would not cause any noticeable changes in the short term. Even with the most environmentally friendly behavior of humanity, the temperature of the earth will definitely increase in the coming years. The Earth's climate system is just too sluggish for changes to happen after a short time. Means at the same time: The mistakes that man has made, especially in the 20th century, are now having an effect, pushing up the temperatures and causing the glaciers to melt.

It is therefore crucial that To drastically reduce discharges, but at the same time to develop strategies to cope with the environmental changes. Especially in the flood catchment areas. Although the temperatures in the coming years will continue to increase and the regular rainfall at the same time go back; but the rarer rain will be all the more violent. The result: the risk of flooding rises significantly and the damage in the threatened regions will be greater if there is no prevention.

The problems caused by floods should not be underestimated. In addition to the overload of the sewage system, the economy is also suffering severe damage. Not to mention the many private households that face year after year damage to their home as well as to their entire property.

To prevent such damage, civil protection and policy must work together. But every single citizen can also contribute to minimizing flood damage through risk prevention.

Technical and urban measures to stop the flood are, for example:

  • Surface control systems
  • Designation of floodplains
  • Early warning systems
  • technical measures, such as reinforcement of flood protection systems, drainage tips, etc.
  • Measures with ecological orientation, such as dike relocations
  • Emergency and evacuation plans

As a sufferer, you can do that especially Risk of flood damage Minimize your own belongings. On the one hand, you should always keep up to date with the latest information on preventive measures and implement them. This can be technical and structural precautionary measures, a good (and in an effective case also effective!) Insurance. In addition, careful planning for emergencies can increase responsiveness. For example, it may be worthwhile to store a larger stock of sandbags or to have mobile flood walls ready in hazardous areas.

In order to get concrete ideas about what you can do to prevent floods, we will introduce you to various measures to prevent flooding. This includes the precautionary installation of special flood protection doors or cellar windows and the effective use of sandbag barriers.

In flooded areas, in most cases it will not be possible to completely shut off the water. In such cases, one is Dirty water pump Worth gold.

There are legal precautions that you should talk about with your flood insurance. Likewise we explain you the correct and safe behavior at high water.

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