Improve thermal insulation through new roof windows

If the windows in the attic to be renewed, there are many good reasons, for example, the age of the skylights or insufficient energy efficiency. As heat is known to rise, it is particularly easy to get over thin glass and old, bad insulated window frames to the outside. This heat loss is to be prevented by suitable measures in the choice of roof windows. You may want to extend your loft and make it homely. This also raises the question of which roof window types are available for selection and how high the associated costs are.

New roof windows: what costs can be expected?

If skylights are mounted in a sloping roof, make classic Pivot window Often they are also called "Velux window" - the market leader is hereby eponymous. Swinging windows are convincing due to their easy handling and the small space requirement for sloping roofs and straight walls. The axis of rotation of a swing window is set in the middle, the angle of inclination is between 15 and 90°. In principle, this type of window is very robust and low-maintenance, depending on the version, the prices vary very much - a comparison is worthwhile.

Improve thermal insulation through new roof windows: insulation

Swing windows require little space and are easy to use.

For wooden windows, the costs are slightly higher. After all, the state grants various support measures that support the financial burden of a reorganization. As part of the KfW 430 program, the investments will be funded from 10 to a maximum of 30% of the total costs, the maximum amount is 5,000 euros. Decisive for the exact promotion is the achieved U-value (heat transfer coefficient window), which characterizes the energy efficiency of the window. Certain investments can also be claimed in the income tax return, your tax adviser will tell you.

However, an investment is worthwhile in every respect. Suppliers such as Dobroplast have corresponding high quality and price-conscious roof windows made of plastic in the range, which also optically lean on a wooden window in mahogany or walnut depending on the choice of decor. So you benefit from a desired wood look and a solid, durable and affordable plastic frame.

Different suspension of the sash

Improve thermal insulation through new roof windows: thermal

Folding swing window from Dobroplast.

As an alternative to the swing windows so-called Hung and pivot window to get voted. The difference to the swing window is mainly that this type of window has a particularly large opening angle. As a result, the entire window sash can be opened with a single handle to the outside.

A compromise of both types of windows provides the so-called High-hung window Here is the axis of rotation only in the upper third of the window. Here, the free view to the outside is possible and at the same time no window sash protrudes into the room.

Evaluate the room optically: dormer window

Improve thermal insulation through new roof windows: insulation

Dormer windows increase the space.

Furthermore, so-called dormer window available. These are skylights with a vertical window surface, which allow a great view. At the same time, the room is enlarged by dormer windows, because a window niche creates additional space.

This variant is not suitable for pitched roofs.

Is there a risk of mold through new roof windows?

Often in connection with the installation of new roof windows from a mold spread is reported. The problem is that new windows seal adequately - which, paradoxically, can become a problem if there is no air exchange. This less moisture is dissipated to the outside. In principle, this adversity should not prevent the installation of new skylights, because regular ventilation or the installation of skylights with ventilation flap or continuous ventilation can easily avoid this risk. It is recommended to get advice - usually for free.

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