Additional costs - they can be so high

When looking at the annual billing of ancillary costs, many tenants now have great doubts as to whether their amount can still be in order. Therefore, we show here once the average additional costs for a conventional apartment.

Average additional costs in Germany

Between about 2.15 euros and 3.00 euros per square meter of living space are in the German average to additional costs for heating, hot water and other operating costs for the apartment to pay. The big difference between the average additional costs is usually the equipment features of the individual apartments. Because if costs for elevator, swimming pool and caretaker are added, these are also to be borne by the tenants.

Second rent must be considered

At all conceivable costs, a second rent actually accrues to the tenant. These different operating costs should therefore be known and assessed before concluding a lease. After all, you can not blindly commit to paying several hundred euros each month in addition.

How high can the additional costs be?

Once the above average is used, utilities should not be more than ten percent higher unless there are good reasons for the tenant when the lease is signed.

80 square meters apartment and utilities

Here is the difference between the monthly additional costs between a new well-insulated apartment with few residents and the same apartment, if it is already older and inhabited by several people. We use 80 square meters of living space for this example

  • in the best case, about 80 to 100 euros additional costs are due
  • the average pays about 160 to 200 euros charges
  • the maximum limit should be around 250 euros in additional costs

Tips & Tricks

Never pay blindly for a utility bill, which requires a high back payment from you. Every second service charge bill in Germany should be wrong, according to Mieterbund.

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