In autumn it is time for the heating maintenance

Most central heating systems require professional maintenance once a year, but in times of rising costs, many homeowners save on this service. This can not only lead to security problems, but also to an increasing energy consumption and thus to an increased heating bill. How much does a heating maintenance cost - and does the tenant really have to pay the bill?

This work is required for the heating maintenance

In the course of the annual heating maintenance, which should take place in autumn when possible at the beginning of the heating season, the expert looks inside the plant to the right. He carries out these works on the boiler:

  • Control of the control functions
  • Control of safety devices
  • Cleaning the boiler
  • Cleaning the burner
  • Replacement of wearing parts if necessary
  • Measurement of exhaust emissions

The tenant or owner receives a log of the maintenance work and can inform himself so thoroughly about the measured values ​​and the condition of the heating system.

Maintenance prevents increasing energy consumption due to improper combustion and ensures that heating costs remain as low as possible. In addition, the replacement of defective wear parts prevents a total failure in the middle of winter.

Who is responsible for the heating maintenance: Tenant or landlord?

The incidental heating costs often become a dispute between landlord and tenant, a glance at the lease provides information about the current conditions: In most cases, the heating maintenance is mentioned under the operating and heating costs, but sometimes at a separate point.

The normal annual heating maintenance is generally reimbursable, which means that the tenant can be required to pay the maintenance costs. As a rule, repair work on heating defects does not belong to the apportionable costs.

The craftsman should, however, be commissioned by the landlord for heating maintenance, the appointment is then made with the tenant, if the facility is located directly in his private premises.

These costs cause a heating maintenance

The heating maintenance costs depending on the model and effort about 100 euros, if expensive wear parts must be replaced, the amount increases accordingly. Also, the costs incurred in the course of maintenance repair costs are landlord and not tenant thing.

A fixed maintenance contract with a specialist company on site can reduce costs and brings other benefits: Often, an emergency service is included in the price, which also applies to public holidays and weekends.

This ensures that you never have to freeze for a long time in an emergency. Incidentally, you will receive improved warranty service if the same specialist company always checks and repairs your heating system.

Tips & Tricks

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